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  1. I spent a bunch of time looking for "inverted W's"; the guys who didn't have it still got hurt. I've since given up trying to figure out what pitchers are going to get injured.
  2. Yeah, most of the discussion I heard puts him in CF, although he's still 18 and the shortstop position at the Major League level is littered with guys who weren't supposed to be able to stick at the position.
  3. There's a bit of a discussion about this back on page 19. Bottom line, I don't think you can rule out him going in the first round.
  4. While I sympathized with the individual players this year in free agency, it was sort of nice seeing the MLBPA being forced to lie in the bed they made for themselves. Who knew management would come around to building around the super cheap young players that they can keep well into their primes and strong-arm into signing long-term team-friendly deals...
  5. I'm in agreement that Inciarte keeps the CF job. That said, Acuna can absolutely handle CF and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he played enough games filling in or due to injuries that he gained CF eligibility.
  6. I have the same problem with the stat, TBH. Is hitting a home run off Tanaka even that impressive? He knows he'll be in the rotation and hopefully has nearly 200 innings to look forward to; his main goal is probably not hurting himself and maybe working on some of his weaker pitches. On the flip side, is doing damage against an Eflin that unimpressive? He probably needs to show something in the spring to secure the best roster spot and may not need to hold back like Tanaka. It's just all noise at this point, in my mind. All things being equal, though, I'd prefer to see Acuna hit and he's doing
  7. Spring training numbers mean very little but also Ronald Acuna hits baseballs well. He's done it in Rookie ball, A-ball, Australian League, High-A, AA, AAA, Arizona Fall League, and now Spring Training. It sort of seems like a trend.
  8. You're right about Strasburg; Reyes was kept in our league in the minors. It depends how the league is set up; lots of these dynasty leagues have deep minor league systems and those can completely change the equation.
  9. You've never tried to acquire pitching in my league; there are certainly leagues where holding a prospect through Tommy John is worthwhile. Absolutely every owner would've jumped at the opportunity to pick up Alex Reyes or Stephen Strasburg when they were hurt. I wouldn't make assumptions about other people's leagues.
  10. I didn't suggest anything like that. I still think they'd prefer to move a pitcher who's closer to free agency for young cheap hitting.
  11. If he comes out performing in Triple-A like I expect him to, I think he makes his way up this year by injury, trade, or taking someone's spot. I know Tampa likes to take their time with prospects but, with that arsenal, he's going to stop learning anything facing minor league hitters real quick, if he hasn't already. They've already been shopping pitching, anyway.
  12. My first one was Smallworld hockey, where everybody started with the same budget and players' value would fluctuate based on how many users were buying or selling them. I think outcome was still determined by performance, though.
  13. I don't think so; 22 is EXTREMELY young for a Major League catcher. FWIW both BP and BA say that he's solid defensively at catcher. BP acknowledges there are concerns about the frame and the Indians might prefer him at third; BA says that it's purely a bat-outpacing-glove scenario and is exacerbated by the fact that the Indians have "a pair of excellent defensive catchers in the big leagues." He's 22 and was top-25 in OPS in the Eastern League and could be a viable catcher; I don't have a problem ranking him higher even if I might not do it myself.
  14. Why's ranking Mejia high so questionable? Mejia has hit at AA and the defense "issues" have been more of the bat-outpacing-the-glove variety from my understanding. Fangraphs even acknowledged that the arm and athleticism would work at third, so it's not like he necessarily gets stuck in the outfield. I don't have a problem with ranking those other guys higher, but that doesn't seem like a huge reach to me.
  15. It's not speculation, it's been confirmed... https://sports.yahoo.com/news/shohei-ohtanis-status-yahoo-fantasy-baseball-012323575.html
  16. After 7 or so, I'd consider it. The guy grabbed Vlad Jr. in round 2 and I think Eloy in round 3; then you probably get early picks for 2 or 3 years while those guys mature. That's the thought process, anyway. You'd have painful early years but a potential monster team 4 or 5 years down the road.
  17. In one of the expert leagues, he was grabbed at I think 13 and the guy said he would have taken him at 5. It was a bit of a strategic gambit (while everybody is drafting 25-year-olds, draft 20-year-olds) but if the league has savvy owners, there is no telling how early he may get drafted.
  18. I think so. The group behind him is really good and would include some solid #1 picks most years but Ohtani is a ready-for-the-majors potential ace with a decent batting prospect wrapped up in there, as well. I think it's a no-brainer.
  19. I'd complain more but they're probably a useful reality-check when I'm thinking to myself "I can totally get this guy in the 2nd or 3rd round."
  20. BA said in their chat that this year has a lot of talent at the top and that pushed some guys down who wouldn't have fallen most years. Asked where Benintendi, last year's top prospect, would have fallen this year, they said around number 5 and that you could make a case for current iterations of Bichette & Tatis (8 & 9) as top prospect last year. I think that gives you an idea why some guys fell compared to their rankings from a year ago.
  21. Commish veto is the way to go, in my opinion. I'm also with BBT in that it's basically a nuclear option; it shouldn't really be used unless you are prepared to kick one of the owners out. I'd have a line of communication with some other long-time managers that you can get opinions from but this power is best left to one person who is reluctant to use it.
  22. Personally, BABIP is one of my least favorite advanced stats. Too many people latch onto it and don't ask themselves "Could there be something driving his poor/good BABIP?" They just say "x will regress because high BABIP" and consider that enough to end the discussion. It's a starting point for me and an end point for others.
  23. Essentially your argument is yes they suck at hitting and it doesn't really matter, anyway, but all the platforms should completely revamp their systems at great expense to accommodate it.
  24. I'm anticipating this issue in our keeper league and pushing to let one manager have both. If he hits, the push is only going to move in the direction of making him one player. I'd say otherwise you almost have to say the second person to take him (probably Ohtani the hitter) is taking the risk that they'll be unable to keep him every new season and factor that in to the decision to draft him. I've had a playoff game come down to whether one at-bat resulted in a hit or an out; it might be rare, but it certainly happens. I like the "choose pitcher or hitter" setup best of the opt
  25. Yeah, there are lots of established keeper leagues where this solution would throw off player values all across the board almost overnight. The MadBum owner would be happy but what if you lost a championship game by a couple batting average points while your NL pitchers went 0-20?
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