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  1. I think so, too. If he shows up in the first month and demonstrates the control problems are two years in the rear-view mirror, he's going to shoot up lists. He's getting dinged because he was a little old for the levels he played last year and people aren't convinced the White Sox were able to solve his issues, but the stuff is there to excel at higher levels.
  2. As someone who plays in a keeper baseball league, that's good on you for giving up a good asset to try to win it this year and having it work out. Maybe the other owners needed to step up and put some chips on the table.
  3. Proud to say I am among the teams that survived Todd Gurley this week. I thought I was toast...
  4. He was good all year but has been excellent since getting to AA (11.7 K/9 with a 6.5 H/9 and 2.9 BB/9). BP in their minor league update today said he has a case for best pitching prospect in baseball.
  5. Maybe he should be more disciplined but I'm not at all surprised to see him in this situation; he's had a reputation for being cocky and outspoken since he was drafted. I don't think he has it in him to quietly accept being passed over for promotion when he's pitching well.
  6. Even if you buy that, Betances is the only guy who went at somebody's head. There's no way a fastball to the midsection is worse than a sucker punch and Sanchez did it twice.
  7. As usual, the answer to this question is "leagues different than yours." I'm in a deep dynasty league where a bunch of guys are kept but I'm not giving up on finding value. There are always guys who come from nowhere and they don't always have the good manners to start their ascension in April.
  8. Maybe this is leaning towards solved but I also don't see a problem with what he is doing. Besides giving him a chance for keepers, making positions difficult to acquire in the playoffs can affect the trade market going forward. If anybody objects to how much difficulty they're having finding pitching, for example, maybe they should have been more aggressive at the trade deadline. This policing of the free agent pool can be beneficial going forward. There's more than one reason for him to keep managing his team as he is and I actually commend him for it; I am out of my dynasty playoff race and
  9. I'd agree with that point, which is why I've held him all this time in a dynasty. However, he's going to have to do it more before I believe that he's turned a corner; 38 August AB's is a miniscule sample size. I also think it's unlikely he sees regular at-bats for the rest of the season, let alone at the leadoff spot. His baserunning (despite the speed) is not great, his defense is poor, and he's scuffled at the plate most of the year. I hope you're right but I just don't see it.
  10. Villar has three hits over his last 6 at-bats and has a 100% success rate on stolen bases during that time! This is a clear hall-of-famer if he can keep that up. I'd assume he was doing great before that but can't be bothered to look it up...
  11. I agree with everything but the last part. Major League teams win by delaying the player's big free agent contract and, probably more importantly, current Major Leaguers win by de-incentivizing Major League teams from bringing up cheaper players to take their jobs.
  12. That sucks. "This is the best offer I got" should always be a legitimate defense for a trade, provided you told everybody you were looking for offers. I have to say, though, if reasonable trades are getting vetoed, I understand people's reluctance to try to piece together a deal. Maybe that tendency needs to be addressed in the offseason... is it a commissioner doing the vetoing or a league vote?
  13. It's hard to tell from your post what the problem is. What are "pennies"? Depending on the league rules, there could be legitimate reasons for wanting those guys off a team, in which case shame on the other teams for not beating offers of "pennies". If the team's just throwing a hissyfit for some reason, don't invite them back next year.
  14. I've been of the opinion all year he doesn't get called up until 2018. That said, if you thought we were going to see him this year, I'm not sure why you would change your mind now.
  15. Meanwhile, Dusty Baker is still looking for his first managerial World Series ring... how appropriate.
  16. I'm hoping/assuming that was sarcasm. Needless to say, no rational person should believe that.
  17. We sort of focus on this stuff too much, though, at this age if you ask me. He'll play when he's ready. At that age, they send a lot of these guys to get at-bats in fall or winter leagues to keep their development moving. For instance, Acuna played in Australia over the winter after missing most of the second half last year. That didn't end up being much of a setback for him.
  18. Trade aside, a commissioner throwing around accusations of collusion is worse than I expected; I thought it was general trash talk. How's anybody expect him to be fair to either of these owners going forward if he's already accused them of cheating? I'd get a few of the more active/older owners on board and tell the commissioner if he can't cool the rhetoric, he's getting replaced. He doesn't even sound like he's fun to have around.
  19. Replace him as commissioner? Is he especially good at anything else? What are you guys going to do when he needs to make a decision against somebody who he's rubbed the wrong way? We've had two commissioners in our league who have both been much more diplomatic; it's made things easy when there's tension driven by people like your commissioner, because nobody thinks they're being purposely disadvantaged. I'm a big believer that the commissioner needs to stay out of conflict in order to maintain objectivity and avoid even the appearance of bias. This seems like a time bomb to me, personally.
  20. I think you have to give the league your reasoning and be prepared to change it if they collectively disagree, assuming they have a decent reason such as the one brockpapersizer stated. As right as you might think you are, it is not a good look for you to be against the rest of the league unless their case is extraordinarily weak.
  21. Story's shown signs of turning it around. I'd say Schwarber's been a bigger bust, as well, but it's a short list.
  22. I play in a bit of an odd league that gives a boost to infielders, but Yahoo! has him as the 13th ranked player there over the last two weeks. If he can keep anything close to this up, I will be very happy I stayed patient.
  23. Disregarding any discussion of numbers, he's hitting 2 through 5 every day in one of the better offensive ballparks in baseball. Every league is different, but the number of leagues where this guy shouldn't be owned is very very small.
  24. I just realized that Mr. 4.3% walk rate has now drawn a walk in 8 of his last 11 games. Considering that a lack of walks was one of the major concerns about him entering the season, that's very encouraging.
  25. To add on to what others have said, Haniger was also a guy that started trying to lift the ball more about two years ago. Last year, he then went on to post the second-best OPS in the PCL. You then add on the trade and the Mariners seemingly being fairly high on him (saying they viewed him as a key component to the trade and then starting him and batting him 2nd to start the year), he was a nice flyer player that seemed to be paying off. Of course, the fact that he started the year so under the radar was part of his appeal, too.
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