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  1. Trade aside, a commissioner throwing around accusations of collusion is worse than I expected; I thought it was general trash talk. How's anybody expect him to be fair to either of these owners going forward if he's already accused them of cheating? I'd get a few of the more active/older owners on board and tell the commissioner if he can't cool the rhetoric, he's getting replaced. He doesn't even sound like he's fun to have around.
  2. Replace him as commissioner? Is he especially good at anything else? What are you guys going to do when he needs to make a decision against somebody who he's rubbed the wrong way? We've had two commissioners in our league who have both been much more diplomatic; it's made things easy when there's tension driven by people like your commissioner, because nobody thinks they're being purposely disadvantaged. I'm a big believer that the commissioner needs to stay out of conflict in order to maintain objectivity and avoid even the appearance of bias. This seems like a time bomb to me, personally.
  3. I think you have to give the league your reasoning and be prepared to change it if they collectively disagree, assuming they have a decent reason such as the one brockpapersizer stated. As right as you might think you are, it is not a good look for you to be against the rest of the league unless their case is extraordinarily weak.
  4. Story's shown signs of turning it around. I'd say Schwarber's been a bigger bust, as well, but it's a short list.
  5. I play in a bit of an odd league that gives a boost to infielders, but Yahoo! has him as the 13th ranked player there over the last two weeks. If he can keep anything close to this up, I will be very happy I stayed patient.
  6. Disregarding any discussion of numbers, he's hitting 2 through 5 every day in one of the better offensive ballparks in baseball. Every league is different, but the number of leagues where this guy shouldn't be owned is very very small.
  7. I just realized that Mr. 4.3% walk rate has now drawn a walk in 8 of his last 11 games. Considering that a lack of walks was one of the major concerns about him entering the season, that's very encouraging.
  8. To add on to what others have said, Haniger was also a guy that started trying to lift the ball more about two years ago. Last year, he then went on to post the second-best OPS in the PCL. You then add on the trade and the Mariners seemingly being fairly high on him (saying they viewed him as a key component to the trade and then starting him and batting him 2nd to start the year), he was a nice flyer player that seemed to be paying off. Of course, the fact that he started the year so under the radar was part of his appeal, too.
  9. To add to what others have said, if the Yankees are frustrated with a 24-year-old mentally struggling after a year and a half of injuries, then they're the idiots. Every org in baseball has dealt with TJS and other long-term injuries; I don't believe for a second they're writing a kid off as soft two months after coming back from over a year of missed time due to shoulder surgery. Every player has their mental battles and IF those are playing a role in Bird's struggles, then the Yankees would be incredibly stupid to take them lightly. Hell, we always talk about how little difference managers m
  10. Yeah, he's scorching hot lately. I'd like to see more walks, too, but I think the lack of them is more due to circumstances than a lack of approach. Fangraphs has him seeing a well above-average number of pitches in the zone and decently below-average O-swing% and SwStrk%. I'd assume this means pitchers are making a very conscious effort to attack him rather than give him a free pass in front of the heart of that best-in-the-NL lineup.
  11. He hit a home run last night and his OPS actually fell...
  12. He's on Yahoo's MVP board, which tends to reflect value vs. draft price paid. I'm, personally, in a bit of an odd dynasty league, but I'm leading while playing him almost every day. If you think Villar's production is dragging your team down, I have to question your expectations.
  13. Look who makes the list of players with the biggest gap between hard-hit balls and expected production in this MLB.com article. This lends support to Street Shark's post above. Biggest gap between hard-hit and productive batted balls in 2017 17.3 percent -- Bradley, Red Sox 13.7 percent -- Joc Pederson, Dodgers 12.5 percent -- Yandy Diaz, Indians 12.4 percent -- Joey Gallo, Rangers 11.4 percent -- Manny Machado, Orioles 10.5 percent -- Greg Bird, Yankees 10.5 percent -- Cody Bellinger, Dodgers 9.9 percent -- Trea Turner, Nationals http://m.mlb.com/news/a
  14. I've always liked Story's ability to adjust. He wasn't the uber prospect gliding through the minors. He struggled for a period at A+ and adjusted; then at AA and adjusted. Hell, after his hot streak at the beginning of last year, pitchers cooled him off for a bit before he started cooking again prior to the injury. His monthly OPS numbers in 2016 went 1.019-.769-.893-.992. If you're in any position to be patient with Story, I'd do it.
  15. Personally, I love that his 10-day OPS of .853 as a 19-year-old in AA qualifies as "slowing down." Here's hoping it's short-lived, though!
  16. Fun numbers from last night's game, as well...
  17. My bad; I didn't see the earlier posts.
  18. I mean, what do you want? People preaching patience are looking ahead and suggesting holding him whereas you're not making any suggestion at all. I don't see any glaring problems with the underlying numbers. Pitchers are attacking him a bit more and throwing more fastballs, but he's not popping up, grounding out, or swinging and missing at an alarming rate compared to last year. The biggest difference I see is his .388 BABIP from last year sits at .284 so far this year, as Street Sharks pointed out. To me, this looks a little like a young player getting adjusted to and a lot like a
  19. K rate of about 15% over the last 10 days and reasonable rates the previous two years; I'm growing more inclined to call the surge early this year an anomaly.
  20. A lot of us play in deep, AL-only, or keeper leagues. Spring training did show that the shoulder's healthy and the power should be fine, which is more than we knew in February. The full year away from hitting should be expected to have an impact. In a lot of leagues, I doubt he'll burn you all that much if you drop him. In certain leagues, though, I am holding or looking to buy. This slow first month back should not be surprising.
  21. I love the value at #6 fwiw. I don't know who was available, but I thought Acuna compared favorably with any of the recent signees. Senzel might have been the only hitter I would've taken over him from that group and I feel like you could make the ceiling argument in favor of Acuna.
  22. .916 post-all-star OPS last year and 1.027 to start this year. Honestly, I think Detroit might suit him and if it was any hitter other than Upton, we'd gladly write off the first half of last year as adjusting to a new league.
  23. The nice thing has been even when he's not raking, he's drawing plenty of walks. He's tied for the league lead with Harper and Goldschmidt, both 3 hitters. That will buy him some latitude to have some weeks where the hitting isn't stellar.
  24. I'm a dynasty owner and he's barely stayed on my roster a couple of years, but I'm wondering if there isn't something to see here in deeper leagues. He took a step forward last year moving to AAA but strikeouts were still a big concern. This year, the strikeouts have been way down and the OPS has taken another step forward and he's still just 24. Maybe he's still very much a wait-and-see guy in most leagues but deep league and dynasty owners might want to pay attention, even if this call-up only ends up being temporary.
  25. On the positive side, I like the average distance and launch angle. Also, Fangraphs has him a full 10% lower in o-swing% than league average and making contact 5% more than league average while generally hitting the ball hard. That's extremely encouraging.
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