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  1. Friendly reminder that the guy missed all of last year. If you used a high pick on him, my sympathies, but some bad cold streaks should be expected. Try to get a decent backup 1B and ride this out.
  2. I jumped ship; the thing that made me change my mind was his use at DH yesterday. If he just had to convince them his bat is worth getting in the lineup, that's one thing, but apparently he doesn't have them convinced of his defense, either. It's going to take him a while to get into that lineup every day if all he offers is speed on the bases; that profile is probably more valuable as a pinch runner where you can choose when to insert him. I'm moving to the "find another lottery ticket" camp.
  3. Yeah, I don't feel like this should be a surprise. The spring news was that DeShields looked better and was back in the competition for LF. Well, it sounds as if he's going to get some starts and, in the opening games, Profar and Rua have not done anything to lay claim to the job. If you're in a deeper league or a keeper of some sort, I think you have to give this a bit more time to work itself out.
  4. The danger with a speedy guy like DeShields who can't separate himself with his bat is that his speed is nice to plug in on the basepaths. I was hoping for better as a dynasty league owner and will give him a few weeks but I'm not terribly surprised he's falling back in to limbo considering it sounded like they viewed him as a 9-hitter.
  5. It was a Double-A preseason game. I didn't mean to imply it was an MLB game, if that's how it came off. http://tomahawktake.com/2017/03/21/ronald-acuna-refuses-cool-off/
  6. 3 homers in a game today, by the way. I'm very excited to see what kind of season he puts together.
  7. I know the reports on Maitan are glowing and he might very well meet the expectations. However, the Braves were confident enough in Acuna to make him the youngest player in the Sally by more than a full year. If he had struggled, it would have been understandable. In his admittedly short time there, though, he put up an OPS that would've been good enough for top 10 in the league while stealing bases at a league-leading pace. I know guys are high on Maitan but the people in the Braves organization have been aggressive with Acuna and I assume it's for good reason, especially with results like he's had. Maybe it's different in a year but for now, I'd take Acuna.
  8. Yeah, Acuna and it's not particularly close. The reports on Maitan are great but we haven't seen him adjust to any of the things that come along with playing baseball professionally, yet. Acuna comes with significantly less risk because he's played well at a couple stops. Any of the lists that you'll come across have Acuna well ahead of Maitan at the moment and I'm inclined to agree with them until Maitan starts hitting stateside and/or Acuna gets to a level he can't handle, which hasn't happened yet.
  9. Not only that, the low walk rate is, I think, more a result of pitchers coming at him to avoid the walk. He walked just fine in the lower levels when guys couldn't hit their spots. If pitchers nibble too much against him, they risk giving him a free pass and with his SB success rate, one ensuing single might very well be enough to get him home. The easy call is to attack the strike zone, right? Even if he has a weakness for outside junk or high heat, how cute do you get trying to get him to bite? Then, the easy adjustment is to not swing at that stuff. I think the bottom line is that his speed causes problems and it's not going to be easy for other teams to negate him unless he has some secret terribly large weakness, which you'd think would've been exploited already.
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