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  1. 0/2 with a K in his first start since 4/23; taken out for a defensive replacement in the 7th... is anybody continuing to hold?
  2. To be fair, he has three walks and a 107 mph flyout tonight...
  3. If we're going to assume Jansen is a sub .100 hitter, we have to assume Kirk is a .188 hitter. It's early.
  4. DeGrom has more RBI's than earned runs allowed on the season.
  5. I also remember the time his knee bent entirely the wrong way and it knocked him out of action for like 5 days. He's a freak.
  6. I'm honestly not sure why people come on these boards asking if a return is good enough for guys like Acuna and Soto in a keeper. Shop them; you should get an offer from every manager in the league.
  7. I have to admit, I didn't expect .310 with 1 HR at this point in the season, although he has 10 XBH and his xBA is right in line with his actual BA, so it doesn't appear to be a fluke. He's actually under-performing his xSLG, so hopefully some of these hits start clearing the fence.
  8. Imagine not drafting one of the three best hitters in baseball because he's old or because you don't want to displace a backup outfielder in your UTIL spot.
  9. Less impressive when you realize that only 6 other teams have played as many games at home as them... they're tied for 15th in wOBA at home. That's not even park adjusted.
  10. lol Urquidy isn't helping my point, but they're middle of the road in home wOBA. Even an advantageous ballpark can't make them intimidating.
  11. I have to wonder why you'd roster a guy who you're afraid to throw against the Rockies offense.
  12. Definitely SSS; I have zero worry. He's hit the ball well but they're finding gloves so far.
  13. Already bracing myself for another offseason of "he can't maintain this BABIP" takes.
  14. Essentially played full seasons in both 2018 and 2019... one day I'll figure out what criteria people here use to label somebody injury-prone but today ain't it.
  15. Seems like great timing in a weekly, tbh. Full week last week; easy sit this week.
  16. Really... If you're afraid to throw a pitcher against one of the worst offenses in baseball, why roster them?
  17. He would've had a sub .50 ERA over three games where the Mets would've been 0-3!
  18. Starting him at Coors? (please don't say no)
  19. I think if you're unwilling to seriously consider deGrom and Kluber, then you have to question how many current pitchers will actually make the Hall. Are we going to have classes moving forward with one pitcher to every four or five hitters? These guys were both the best pitchers in their respective leagues for multiple years; Kluber's case might've been rock solid if it wasn't for a 2016 rain storm.
  20. He's one of only twenty one pitchers with multiple Cy Youngs; seems like that stat should be factored into his HoF odds. Additionally, if he gets a third, which he was in the running for last year, it's malpractice to keep him out imo.
  21. It's early, but so far he's swinging more out of the strike zone, swinging less in the strike zone, and making contact more, so the approach actually looks slightly worse, but he's making more frequent contact. I don't know that there's much to be gleaned from that at this point but the approach issues seem to still be there.
  22. Curious to see what your overall results are but avoiding a 2/10 strikes me as a very small victory and not worth the risk. Will stay tuned...
  23. https://www.mlb.com/news/ronald-acuna-jr-improved-plate-discipline-2021 Yeah, he's showing plate discipline comparable to Soto, which would be a game-changer if it sticks.
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