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  1. He's one of only twenty one pitchers with multiple Cy Youngs; seems like that stat should be factored into his HoF odds. Additionally, if he gets a third, which he was in the running for last year, it's malpractice to keep him out imo.
  2. It's early, but so far he's swinging more out of the strike zone, swinging less in the strike zone, and making contact more, so the approach actually looks slightly worse, but he's making more frequent contact. I don't know that there's much to be gleaned from that at this point but the approach issues seem to still be there.
  3. Curious to see what your overall results are but avoiding a 2/10 strikes me as a very small victory and not worth the risk. Will stay tuned...
  4. https://www.mlb.com/news/ronald-acuna-jr-improved-plate-discipline-2021 Yeah, he's showing plate discipline comparable to Soto, which would be a game-changer if it sticks.
  5. Definitely get the frustration, but Danny Jansen isn't running away with the job, either, with his .336 OPS. In most leagues, though, I wouldn't blame owners for dropping him.
  6. He once got injured hustling on a ground ball, is a constant nuisance on the base paths, and plays both offense and defense with an infectious energy. He also has been benched for not hustling and once, obviously failed to hustle in a very visible and costly spot. He is a maturing human being; it's too bad people on the internet expect you to pick one version of him and use it to define him his entire career.
  7. So (fingers crossed) we get some protection back, hopefully today. The Nats have been shutout in 3 of 6 games so far, so they need the help.
  8. In a brilliant deGrom performance today, four of eight marlins hitters put up a line of 1/4 with a R/RBI or better.
  9. I guarantee this didn't happen. This is innings management, which we all knew was going to be a widespread issue in 2021.
  10. 1/4 with a R or RBI is very much not the best outcome. Have you ever kept watching a Mets game after deGrom gets pulled?
  11. In a 5x5, you're willingly giving up anything gained in 4 categories for the potential benefit of 1 category, so while the potential benefit is there, it's small (avoid an 0/4), whereas the potential risk is huge, because you might occasionally give up a monster game. All this to say, I generally think it's a mistake.
  12. You could actually go "Ya bad, A. Baddoo" if you wanted, too.
  13. Jacob deGrom Win Checklist: X - Shutout the opponent X - Drive in an RBI _ - Pitch the whole game Ooooh, sorry, try again in 5-6 days.
  14. Literally the first post: "I think he eventually takes over full-time catching duties at some point this year, but 'when?' is the million dollar question." It's been two games... you guys can't say nobody warned you.
  15. I thought you could and this is how I was going to suggest you check.
  16. Well, Mookie Betts hedging that the vaccine is a personal choice and the league's target of 85% per team implies that there's a not insignificant number of players who don't plan on getting it.
  17. Of course it's their policy; players go on IL when the teams put them there, unless they don't feel like it. It's like their policy, players must accumulate 5 games starting at a position to qualify, unless they don't feel like it. Or Ohtani can't be one player because they don't have time to do it... or they don't feel like it.
  18. It all comes down to some front office types who are too lazy to put in the paperwork until they absolutely have to... hell, they're probably purposefully dragging their feet because they don't own the guy in fantasy.
  19. I'm also trying him and hoping for a resurgence. I'm anticipating innings will be hard to come by this year and some of these older guys will be given a bit more leash, so he could be very valuable if the Cubs are able to unlock something and make him productive again. Mind you, I'm not holding my breath, but he's an easy drop if he gets torched early on.
  20. Auction strategy is worth it's own post, but I always try to keep people off-balance. Generally put up guys that you don't want, but not always; throw some mid or lower-tier guys out early before anybody has any idea how to value them; throw out some bids close to your limit early so opponents are forced into a quick decision; oh, and every dollar makes a difference toward the end of the draft, so it can pay to be the guy with a few bucks left rushing the bid from $1 to $2 on any quality names hanging around toward the end. Honestly, when you're putting the guy up is the best time to thro
  21. I'm also a bit skeptical. Four years is a small sample to begin with, and 25% of that sample is the anomaly that is 2020? I don't know about everybody else, but I went in to last year expecting starters to be less valuable, and it's being treated here as if it's a normal year?
  22. The White Sox were 8th in defensive WAR in 2020 and just lost a massive liability on defense. I know Vaughn probably isn't much of an improvement, but I'm also not sure how this makes them bad defensively.
  23. Compete now and trade minors talent for positional weaknesses OR compete in a few years and trade that pitching for young talent. I think you could do either; that team's not in bad shape.
  24. A guy who can't hit in a batting cage without getting hurt isn't the killer argument some people think it is.
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