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  1. Saw your new post; I'm also repping Acuna/Soto/Robert/Bichette/deGrom in a keeper; feels good lol.
  2. I can't imagine who else would be there at #2 that would be more valuable than Robert, if he's allowed to fall to pick #2.
  3. Yes, they're trading picks. Is trading picks allowed or not?
  4. Both "over-rated" and "under-rated" are kind of stupid. They're very generally a little useful, but they're entirely irrelevant when you're discussing a player's value with another person. You basically end up making some message board commenter a stand-in for every fantasy writer hack you have a grudge against.
  5. We are looking for a manager to take over the team linked below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BdqrTD9_RV9PoPV0OAXMcUn3j2MqV93oNPieMOuGId4/edit?usp=sharing We are a deep keeper, where teams keep 20 Major Leaguers and 20 Minor Leaguers every year. We have been in continuous operation since 2007. Scoring is H2H with categories as follows: Hitters: R 2B 3B HR RBI SB BB AVG A Pitchers: IP W CG K SV HLD GIDP ERA WHIP Please let me know if you're interested or have any questions.
  6. My reading is that these statements are directly contradictory. This, not incidentally, is why you're having trouble getting ESPN to do this without duct taping a convoluted solution together.
  7. Look, man, 56 games is what we got. I don't know what you want me to do about a weird 2020. Robert slaughtered the minors right through AAA; Bohm did the same but only got to AA by 2020. Regardless, Bohm doesn't have anywhere near the ceiling that Robert does. Even with Bohm putting up that OPS+ number in a small sample, Robert outdid him in Baseball Savant's XWOBACON .432 to .391, which incorporates Statcast data. Bohm is a potential solid bat while Robert is a potential stud. I stand by my response, though will admit I may have under-estimated Bohm a bit.
  8. I don't get selling a young high upside player who's done it in MLB for a younger high upside player who hasn't. Stick with Robert.
  9. Easy, champ... the post was from April when nothing was happening. Also, the post you cited is a bit light on hard evidence, so I'm not really sure what you want me to get from that. Finally, if you CAN sell him to somebody as the next coming of Ronald Acuna Jr., yes, absolutely do that. I don't disagree with the sentiment. Best to ya
  10. It's under the Prospects drop-down; it's a list of prospects that can be sorted in multiple ways and readily be used to compare stats and rankings of players throughout the minors.
  11. I'm also in this league. A few more details: Continuously running since 2008 Free league with no buy in or prize Any other questions, please ask...
  12. We encourage it with the outrage BS. Curt Schilling has 0 impact on my life, yet I hear about him ALL OF THE TIME, just because he's an a**hole. I don't see his tweets; I don't watch his interviews; I don't listen to his podcast, but online baseball fans make sure to relay to me whatever stupid thing he's said.
  13. Possibly relevant: the Rockies have a homestand scheduled where they play every day September 21-29. Colorado hitters might be nice to have in the playoffs. I'd probably accept if I was making a push this year. I'm not understanding the "injury-prone" label applied above to Story and not everybody flounders away from Coors (see: LeMahieu, DJ). That said, Bichette is a lot to give up for him. I think it comes down to your contention window.
  14. This sounds an awful lot like MLB; I feel like we're coming full circle.
  15. If anybody wants to see rosters or anything from 2020 on Yahoo!, you can also still go to the league through your user profile via https://profiles.sports.yahoo.com/. I'd anticipate them coming back online by the end of January. 2018 is the only recent year they bled into February.
  16. After an offseason of hand-wringing about how he's only been good due to playing at Yankee Stadium, it now appears likely he'll land in..... Yankee Stadium. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/01/yankees-dj-lemahieu-nearing-agreement.html
  17. This would be useful to describe every signing, trade, or draft pick ever made.
  18. Makes for good trash talk, I suppose, but hardly contributes to any real argument.
  19. That's assuming no injuries or anything. I can understand handling it either way, but I hardly see this as unfair.
  20. So a hitter that primarily DH's will start the season as a DH...? That seems fine to me, personally. He had 25 AB's where he was playing a defensive position out of 211 total. If the Red Sox regarded him as an OF, he would have earned eligibility.
  21. This is a no-brainer; you get the better pitcher and an excellent asset in Mondesi.
  22. It's a fool's game, anyway, to worry about too much pitching depth before the season; there is no such thing. Run a six-man rotation until somebody gets hurt or use somebody in long relief until somebody gets hurt, but somebody will get hurt.
  23. Dude approaches YOU, doesn't make an offer, and then criticizes yours rather than countering? Clown move; he'll be wondering why nobody trades with him in short order.
  24. I think it's best paired with transaction limits or weekly roster changes, but the creative use of pitchers these days makes it a much more viable option.
  25. I'm going to take this opportunity to pitch "innings pitched" as a stat. I've come to prefer this over wins or QS. Pitchers have a ton of control over their innings. There's also a pretty appropriate hierarchy of great SP > mediocre SP > great relievers > mediocre relievers. In fact, this and/or holds gives great non-closer relievers a good amount more value, as they tend to put up innings not far behind a lot of the bad starters floating around while still helping ratios.
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