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  1. What are you basing this on? Remember when the Marlins had COVID tests come back positive and MLB told them "play if you feel like it..."? The Players Association will absolutely fight a suspension if it's for an incident after a baseball game where there were not explicit protocols in place and agreed to between the players and owners, and I sincerely doubt those exist.
  2. Most baseball players don't have any games left to accumulate points; I'd go aggressive and offer a Trout or Acuna.
  3. I would just not trade him in an OBP dynasty league. Agreed that it would take three really good pieces for me to even think about it. He's probably the most valuable player in that league format; do not move him without getting any competing offers from your other leaguemates.
  4. If that breakout is even a little real, he is going to be in a very enviable position, getting at-bats around two of the best hitters in baseball this year. The Nationals do not have much current competition for those lineup spots.
  5. Comparing pitchers hitting to late-game fouls in basketball maybe just made me support the NL DH...
  6. I've always thought the skill fell more in being able to come up with a sound strategy, execute it, and deviate from it when necessary. Most everybody's sniffing around the same players; the skill is in adapting to your league's tendencies and exploiting them and changing your tactics as other managers adjust. This is why I enjoy the long-term leagues; there's an element of cat-and-mouse, where leaguemates adapt to and try to exploit each other.
  7. I did find one article regarding the slump that thinks that's all it really is. Obviously, there are still things for him to improve on, but this doesn't look like it's driven by some major flaw. In a normal season, my inclination would be to hold him through the slump, but obviously this is happening at a bad time with the short season wrapping up. https://www.si.com/mlb/whitesox/features/a-dive-into-luis-roberts-september-slump
  8. Posted April 13 · Report reply Bryant is a LOT better than DJLM. I mean it’s not even remotely close.
  9. At least in H2H, your opponent has to actually beat you. You'll never lose because some team playing for next year couldn't hold their lead in saves.
  10. I'm fortunate to own him and Acuna in a dynasty. I was saying last year if forced to pick, I'd keep Soto. I don't see how a guy with his profile isn't a stud for 10+ years, short of injury. The batted ball and plate discipline data are nuts for a veteran, let alone a 21-year-old. Baseball Prospectus has moved him to #1 in their rankings and I've seen others move him up there in the last year. I suspect he'll be there almost everywhere in short order.
  11. That 193 wRC+ is better than any hitter over a full season since Bryce Harper in 2015, by the way. Do with that what you will...
  12. You conveniently ignore the portions of messages you have trouble arguing with... have a good day.
  13. I'm giving you facts and you're giving me feelings...
  14. Sell me on it being good. The most viewed World Series were all during the era of 4-team playoffs. They're down since the 90's Yankees run and see bigger bumps when the big market teams are in it; not when two Davids are fighting it out.
  15. A top-4 team has won 63% of the NCAA tournaments. The six division winners in baseball have only accounted for 70% of World Series trophies since the implementation of the Wild Card and they're guaranteed to at least have two spots in the final four. Baseball is much much more random than basketball, as I said before and you seem to have conveniently overlooked. Edit: By the way, the more appropriate question would be who here watches regular season college basketball? Also, can we cram all of the playoff baseball games into about 12 days? And can we shorten them to two hours? (Don't answ
  16. Prefer this, actually; better chance for a win.
  17. Half of the NBA teams make the playoffs, so this can't be that bad, right? Well, the best regular season team advances in the NBA 80% of the time. StatsByLopez looked into this and found that to get the same rate of the best team advancing, MLB would need to have a BEST-OF-75 SERIES! https://statsbylopez.netlify.app/post/part-ii-randomness-of-series/ This move is terrible and I mean that. We're extremely unlikely to get dynasties in this sport with this format and, likewise, the best teams are unlikely to play each other in high-stakes meaningful games. When people talk about "e
  18. Game 1: a walk, three balls in play over 100 MPH, and a long foul ball. Fairly promising start...
  19. I agree with the general sentiment that anybody under 25 who gets injured is lazy. I'd like to add that anybody 25-30 who gets hurt is injury-prone and anybody over 30 who gets hurt is old and deteriorating. Am I doing this right?
  20. Look at that top 3... I wonder if the top tier goes 4 deep next year with Trout just being one of the guys in the mix.
  21. Can I join one of these leagues where people are letting Acuna go to the second round? If it's a pay league, all the better...
  22. Step 1) Go to Twitter Step 2) Search "Juan Soto" Step 3) Post the latest ridiculous Juan Soto stat
  23. It sounds like you should've realized you were in a free league a month ago.
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