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  1. It sounds like you should've realized you were in a free league a month ago.
  2. I'd play him in weekly, assuming no bad news comes out today. It sounds like there's a good chance he's in the lineup Tuesday. https://www.talkingchop.com/2020/8/24/21398413/atlanta-braves-news-ronald-acuna-jr-update-cristian-pache
  3. Sadly, after today, Tim Anderson only sees the Tigers for three more games this season.
  4. You say that now; just wait until the Nationals start swapping their jerseys between at-bats.
  5. Very reasonable price for Cole; I'd take him.
  6. He has never hit the ball as hard as Soto, for sure, and didn't draw walks in the minors like Soto. He has managed to put up good strikeout numbers while being young for every level he's been through and plays a premium position. The hope has always been that he develops power as he gets older. It's too early to tell if he's made progress there, but if he does, his stock is going to shoot up.
  7. In case anybody thinks this is hyperbole... https://twitter.com/OnePursuitTakes/status/1294403609795461122?s=20
  8. BP had written about this in the offseason, but here he is moving up in the box to cut down on the movement of a breaking ball. Not many guys are willing to do this because they need the extra couple feet against velocity.
  9. Just an RBI double this at-bat; obviously he's cooling down.
  10. Granted, this is outdated, but Yahoo! had him going at pick 88 on average. Fantrax this past week updated their top-500 Dynasty list and had Anderson as their 13th ranked shortstop and #72 overall; I don't think these are anomalies, either. All I'm saying is his production may indicate he deserves better.
  11. Is it time to stop sleeping on this guy? Nobody ever even started a thread and the word around fantasy circles all offseason was he was going to regress and he couldn't keep up his production. Well, he's still doing it. He obviously missed some time with injury, so this year's sample size is small, but last year was supposed to be a small sample size, too. His exit velocity is up so far this year and his BB-rate is up to an almost-respectable 5.4%. It's starting to seem like he just might be good.
  12. He got a late start and has just a 9.8% K-rate with a 271 wRC+. How do you even project this kid? He's a prodigy with the bat. I think he's the #1 dynasty asset.
  13. Bo by a mile over Meadows. I personally view deGrom and Bieber as pretty close in a dynasty.
  14. I also wouldn't trade Acuna unless another top 10 player was involved. Seemingly minor injury and underperformance over an extremely small sample are irrelevant IMO.
  15. He has a wRC+ of around 150 since joining the Nationals... you 100% play him; I'm not sure what some people here are thinking.
  16. Maybe; if he's been playing with it bothering him, I think there's a decent chance he plays through it and gets it addressed in the offseason. Here's hoping for the best.
  17. The absolute only way you should consider it is if he texted you before the game started. If he didn't, lying or not, you only heard from him because the outing was bad. Yahoo doesn't even have this option and I thank god for that.
  18. You can't make the teams forfeit missed games and still expect them to be vigilant about testing and isolating. Besides that, we seem to be veering back towards blaming people for getting a disease that millions of people have already had and millions more will still get. Many of the people getting it are taking reasonable precautions and getting it anyways.
  19. Counterpoint: his BABIP and Barrel % are both WAY above his career averages, while he's cut his BB-rate in half and still showed that skill even in a disastrous outing yesterday. In other words, even when he was a mediocre pitcher, he still didn't get blown up the way he did yesterday. His xFIP and FIP are both around 2.50, while his ERA now sits at 5.40. If you think Chatwood is a mediocre pitcher based off his history, fair enough, but the stats still don't reflect it and the kind of outing we saw yesterday still wasn't consistent with his blow-ups in previous years. If he's still a terrible
  20. I think he might be okay. Now 1/1 in stolen bases; .333 with 5 XBH & 5 BB in the last week... and there was this.
  21. One nice thing about the Dodgers is I don't see them leaving these guys in to get shelled; if he's struggling, he's probably out early and any damage to ratios is limited.
  22. If another major league can pull off what MLB can't, I'll eat crow, but I don't think this is a problem individual to MLB. This is the reality of trying to have a schedule involving travel during a pandemic.
  23. The sports that are making it work either don't play in the US or eliminated their regular season. I'm starting to think there's no way to make this work and keep a regular season. Teams can stomach being in a bubble for a week or two; more if they're progressing through a tournament. The Marlins, for example, aren't being careful for three months when they have nothing to play for.
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