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  1. i like Gordon and Adams. Lutz inside for sure.
  2. I think Gordon will outscore DT even though DT has a good matchup with a terrible Indy def.
  3. i agree with Gordan and Ingram. Chargers run def is no joke.
  4. i like Hogan as Pitt's secondary is suspect and i expect a lot of points to be put up in this game.
  5. DT is a must start. I'm torn between Diggs and Ajayi. Diggs may be the safer play.
  6. Jordy over Goodwin for sure as long as Rodgers is starting.
  7. I would say Brees. Rodgers has some dust to knock off an prove he's back before I would put him in.
  8. I like DT against a terrible Indy D. Denver def against Indy. Ajayi over Perine as that skins o line is beat up.
  9. i have to go with Falcons. Tampa is not in a good spot right now.
  10. I would have to say sit Fitz as Indy's secondary is terrible. I really think it's a toss up though. I think you'll most likely get the same production out of each of them in the end.
  11. I got the bye as the #1 seed, but going against a team that has been on a streak lately. See below. WHIR leave link. Thanks. Pick 1 Latavius Murray vs Cincy Alfred Morris vs Oak Samaje Perine vs Ari Perine is getting higher rankings due to him being the only guy there, but that line is terrible and Ari has a good run def. It's a toss up to me with Murray and Morris. I'm kind of leaning towards Murray as i think Vikings will go up and grind it out with Murray. Pick 1 Devante Parker vs Buf Jermaine Kearse vs NO Again a
  12. I don't think you're upgrading your team with that trade. I wouldn't do it. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/679429-who-to-start-whir/
  13. Second is only one I would consider but I think falcons will get it together. I would stay put. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/679429-who-to-start-whir/
  14. I like Howard's qb much more and doesn't seem like luck is coming back anytime soon. I would do it.
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