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  1. Davis/Swift if full go, hunt if not Keke- Cooks banged up, should see nice targets
  2. AJone/CMC if he goes (RoJo if not) fant Carolina flex - RoJo, or if used, mostert
  3. GIO has the best matchup, and I don’t trust either other RB against decent Ds. I’m starting Gio in one league, and while I don’t feel great about it, I think he’ll provide a nice floor at least.
  4. I like Cupp tonight, with Gilmore on Woods cupp should see some nice targets.
  5. I’d lean Akers. All are tough(er) matchups, I think Akers offers the most upside.
  6. Obviously woods would be a no brainer in most circumstances, but Pat D is shutting down receivers and Crowder has a great matchup with garbage time potential. No Mims and Darnold loves to pepper Jameson with targets. Am I getting too cute? Probably so. PPR and 1 pt per 5 yards. This would be flex with AJones/JRob Adams/AjBrown flex - Woods or Crowder? thanks!
  7. I have the same decision, and I’m going Carr. With Denver not having a QB I’m guessing NO runs and controls the clock. Maybe THill gets a rush TD or 2, but I’m nit counting on it. Carr is safer with a great matchup.
  8. I don’t like Ekeler this week coming back if he even plays. I’m starting Hines over him in the league where I have him. I would go Gallman and Carson over him. Both should see 15+ touches and NYG should actually move the ball well against Cin.
  9. Arob for sure, should see 10+ targets and Mitch locks into him. Gio would probably be my preference for 2. Should lean on him with an inexperienced QB. Hinton is intriguing, but I don’t think I could bring myself to start him.
  10. Meyers and MWill for me. Jeudy has spotty QB play, a propensity to get hurt, and a tough(er) schedule. MWill is the 2/3 pass option on a good offense and high RZ appeal.
  11. Bredia and AJB are a toss up for me, I’d probably lean Bredia. He should be a lock for 15 touches against a bad d if Gaskin does sit. I don’t trust AJB this week and CEH is facing a great rush D.
  12. Ekeler if active, hunt, arob ( not a great matchup, but he should see double digit targets with Mitch back, maybe garbage time?) If Ekeler sits I’d go Ballage + hunt + arob I have zero faith in AZ and SF back field
  13. PPR 1pt/5yards QB - Carr RB - AJones/JRob WR - Adams/?? TE - goedert probably- maybe Hurst flex - ?? Need 2 of options- AJ Brown/B.Hill/Paker/Crowder/AB im leaning Hill/woods...AJB got shut down by Indy last time albeit with a bad drop, and Parker has a good matchup with Fitz. thoughts?
  14. I don’t think I’d take it. Henry and Ebron seem to have very similar floors and about the same upside. Now, with your solid WR I’m not opposed to trading JJ for a TE and having AB as your WR4.
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