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  1. They're gonna replace him with Fitzpatrick, I guess.
  2. Big thanks, as always, to @sportsguy21792 for running this league. The most insanely competitive dynasty league on the Internet.
  3. Simple. They panicked. Steelers hit back, a couple of easy 3 and outs, and they immediately gave up on the run game. They need to watch a few Titans games, and learn to use Taylor the way the Titans use Henry. Keep him in the game at all times and use him to kill clock when you've got a lead. Instead, they were playing 'hero ball' with 50 year old, father of 12, Philip rivers.
  4. Watched the entire game. Spineless play-calling stopped him from having a huge day. They lost a very winnable game.
  5. Dude just put up 100 yards and a TD with an insurance salesman at QB. He's a sure thing, like Deandre Hopkins.
  6. Wonder if he gets the franchise tag this off-season?
  7. It was your DBs, Curl and Phillips, that won you the game. smart pick-ups.
  8. Only 1 fumble and comfortably catching passes. At least those concerns were addressed. Late season break-out sucks for fantasy owners, but he'll be a 1st rd pick next year.
  9. Like the optimism here pastor, seattle is the people's champion: fun to watch. not sure they get past the bucs or packers if I'm being realistic. Bucs are built to win in the playoffs, with a better defense and run game. Tom Terrific avoids mistakes when the heat is on. So does Aaron Rodgers, who's been surgical this year. They're winning games in 2nd gear My problem is, Russell doesn't play cold in big moments. Relies too much on blind faith and belief, not enough reason. It was easier when he could hand off to Beastmode. Now it's all on him. I don't know if he's got it in h
  10. As a jets fan, I have never been prouder. Masterful display.
  11. You can't drop him until the post count in this thread hits 1000. I don't make the rules.
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