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    Having been born in the bay area, and coming from a huge North Cali family, I am a lifetime Giants and 49ers fan.

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  1. Fantasy football analysis went down the drain at this site as soon as Gregg Rosenthal left for NFL.com. He was fantastic, IMHO.
  2. Not even touching 89, and even the Giants broadcasters are commenting. Something is up.
  3. I value your opinion, fellow Giant fan. I like your optimism. That said...I do truly believe something is wrong with Lincey other than mechanics. Mechanics cannot explain the precipitous decline in velo and his peripherals. That giant difference in speed between his FB and CH was his bread in butter. That difference has dropped to pedestrian levels, and with his middling FB speed now, and his abandonment of his slider, that has left him vulnerable. That, and the league has finally caught up with his bizarre delivery and are no longer as fooled by it. Not good. I love Lincey. But I thi
  4. Jeez...you deserve WAY higher than 2 stars. Rated you a 5. You deserve 5 alone for the draft tracker.

  5. Has nothing to say. Says it anyways.

    1. MikeF


      Just remembered the thread that triggered this one all those years back :lol:. Not sure if you still post here or not. http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?showtopic=182347&st=320#entry1923104

  6. A very unhelpful poster.

  7. Fair enough. It's my call and I'm stickin' to it! Heh heh. But I won't be afraid to issue a mea culpa when it doesn't happen.
  8. Mark my words: V-Jax will be a Charger again this season. He will return to haunt the teams that drafted Floyd and Naanee. Rain or no rain, that offense looked bad the other night, and I am betting that they return to VJ.
  9. Good work on the boards!

  10. 5 stars for your Dr. Whom slam.

  11. Gave you a 5 for your spring training update posts.

  12. The new Grizzly Bear album, Veckatimest. It's freaking amazing. This, along with Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion are 1a and 1b in the album of the year running. It depends on the day and my mood which one I think is better.
  13. You are only a 3!? Madness!

  14. Why are you not a 5!? I tried bumping you up, to no avail!

  15. How are you not a 5!?

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