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  1. Btw They now are crediting the eagles with a sack on that play
  2. Anyone seeing any stats about the last play? Cbs credits sack,fumble,td Other sites have it Fumble,td I ask because in our league that sack determines a win or loss
  3. Lol Love watching rivers suck!! Most over rated qb ever As a Giant fan, was so happy when we traded him for Eli
  4. Bonus on long Tds Have Ryan right now in,thinking could be a shootout Fitz is tempting,but always nervous "is this the game he ***** the bed" Advice?
  5. Love watching the Chargers lose But seriously why wasnt that reviewed That was no was pass interference
  6. Chargers own fault this year Catering to gordan since he came back Under using Eckler
  7. 1 point ppr league Pick 1 -Slayton vs green bay(engram and tate out,but maybe rain and snow) Westbrook vs Tampa(maybebstrong winds,but could be a shootout) Sutton vs Chargers( new QB,and chaegers good vs the pass) Only waiver option is Conley -jax vs tampa
  8. I agree Just throw the ball up for grabs Who cares Also maybe quick slants Maybe a screen
  9. Have to give credit After a bad deep pass Ryan makes a great play fake
  10. Was a good call Ridley was.wide open Ryan isnt reading the defense
  11. Between falcons s--- offensive line And Ryan looking clueless on reading defense lately This game could be over real early
  12. Offer sutten and a running back Maybe mccoy as he is the starter this week Just not sure it enough to get it done Sutton and boyd ,but that leaves you thin at wr
  13. Thats it Only other QB on the wire is Steelers QB And Dalton No thanks
  14. Is julio owner in a must win? If so what does he need?
  15. Julio out Making me think your fitzmagic comment
  16. Does julio out Mean more catches for freeman?
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