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  1. I can only play 2 WR today but have 3 options. Which two? (non-ppr) AJ Green Cooks JuJu
  2. Tough choice, but I'd go Hill and JuJu as well. Cooks has good upside but can disappear for games at a time. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/690011-need-2-rb-which-ones-whir/
  3. Non-ppr, looking to play 2 RB today and have 3 good choices. Hunt Drake Dion
  4. Thanks for the help on mine. This is tough but I can't trust CLE - I say Hyde.
  5. Hogan. Henry is too unreliable http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689190-brees-or-arod-whir/
  6. Who's my starting qb today, Brees or Rodgers? 6 pt. pass TD. Got a nice head start with Hunt last night- should I take the safe floor with Brees or swing for the fences with Rodgers?
  7. Lucky to have bench depth, but can figure out who to roll with. Pick two: non ppr Hunt Drake Jamal williams Dion
  8. 6pt pass TD, playoff semis. Who should I roll with, Brees or Rodgers? Brees feels like the safer bet, but Rodgers has the higher ceiling. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks for the help on mine. I'd play the first three you have listed here - Thielen, Keenan, Evans.
  10. I've found myself with a lot of bench strength and some choices to make for the playoffs today. Pick two two of the following: (non-ppr) Hunt Drake Dion Gio Jamal Williams
  11. Depends what you need - high floor or high ceiling? I'd say cross your fingers and hope Brown torches the Eagles suspect secondary for a long score. Thanks for help on mine.
  12. I think I go Jones here as well, but not with total confidence.
  13. Brees on bye this week - should I go Eli or Dalton? 6pt pass TD league.
  14. Hard to say since Parker hasn't played yet, but for me it's simple: Parker if you need upside, Cobb if need consistency/lower floor.
  15. I'm a bit thin at WR and was offered the following (12 team, non PPR redraft). I'd 100% take it if not for Howard possibly losing touches to Cohen. Still might do it though since I'm still ok on RB. Thoughts? I get: Howard Hopkins I give: Hunt Cobb Current roster: QB: Brees RB: Gordon, Gurley, Hunt, Henry, Carson WR: Cooks, Cobb, J. Brown, Zay Jones TE: Kelce, Henry
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