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  1. I am glad Hurts didn't out perform Mahomes so there's no 2nd guessing. I did have the Panthers D on my bench as a block which turned out to out score the Bears by 12.
  2. To add salt to my wound Logan teases me at the very end. Dallas could put the Eagles D in the red still but he has Bass tomorrow
  3. Yeah I hate Kelce lol he's a great receiver but gives no effort as a blocker.
  4. After getting Kamara'd i didn't stand much of a chance, but then Gaskin gave me hope last night. Things were looking real good in the 1st half today with Taylor, but then Juju and Kareem scored late TDs. Mahomes was only throwing to his Kelce.
  5. My opponent had kelce so I felt I had to but I damn couldn't he have ran with it for a score?
  6. Apparently kc van clinch the 1 today. I thought because it was a nonconference game it didn't matter
  7. Bump whir I feel a little better now that Hill is playing and my opponent does have Kelce
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