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  1. Kinda wish Knebel would just go away haha, i want more saves lol
  2. i think its time to start considering dropping, not good enough to trade and not good enough to play
  3. I was dumb and trusted thier defense after losing two of thier main pieces that make them so good. I think its safe to say they are no longer startable unless your desperate
  4. Hes just a td dependent wr. Not enough target and yards to start with confidence
  5. im in opposite position, my lineup is set for the week so i picked him up and stashed him on my IR spot to see how he plays out this week. Was able to then pickup Corey Davis as well. Great scouting tool sometimes that IR spot
  6. looking forward to seeing what this kid can do ROS
  7. huge talent but will he kill it when he comes back who knows, guy has been out of the NFL for 3 years.
  8. Who even plays this guy, it’s obvious that we all screwed up when drafting him. Dropping him is a option if you need to at this point but not really much on WW that’s any better right now. He’s going to get you 5-6 points every weeks so at least it’s consistent. Sigh....... why did I draft this guy hahaha. Stupid browns will never be any good, no matter how many 1st overall picks they get hahaha
  9. This offense won't be so 1 dimensional now that Watson is starting. With him dancing around like he does will open the run game, which in return will help Hopkins. It will prob take a few weeks before we say it click but I'm glad Watson is getting the start as soon as soon as he is.
  10. i got lacy with my last pick of the draft and i still dont like it hahaha i kinda want to drop him for rawls but he like my 5th rb so its not a huge deal
  11. Defense and running the ball will define the Jags success this year. If those two things click the passing game will fall into place. If all those things happen he might just blow up this year. But that team has a lil more work to do before i see all those things fall into place. Maybe he is a beast but might not meet his ADP value? Looking forward to seeing this guy run tho
  12. yes and if u read my post i was worried about the OC then i looked into the OC and coaching staff and what i believed to be one of the bigger problems of last year to find there was no real change. I still think Hopkins will have a better year he will prob still be a beast but i'm going to hold my expectations back a lil. do you have any important info you want to add or just going on a troll???
  13. no he was fired but O'brien was just as bad and hopefully the replacement will not follow suite .....https://www.upi.com/Sports_News/NFL/2017/01/17/Houston-Texans-boost-offense-by-firing-offensive-coordinator-George-Godsey/5831484659254/ but im not sure its going to be better after looking into this a lil more, O'Brien took over play calling after game 3 i think it said so thats a lot of season where he did not adjust his offense to suit his players needs. And now O'Brien wants to call plays again. Hope he figured some things out this off-season. still kinda worried a lil more than
  14. hes gonna be a beast this year. last year was a down year and prob be his only down year without some type of injury. dude is a great wr, but that qb and play calling last year was horrible. thats prob the only thing i fear. is the OC play calling. why did they not try and change it to help Brock last year. they just kept asking him to do what he could not. hopefully they learned to evolve the play calling if necessary.
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