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  1. I wouldn't be opposed to starting Tannehill over Brees this wk What do you think about mine?
  2. Bump. Would love a few more opinions. Thanks
  3. I was thinking of starting Wentz but now the weather is shaky in Philly tomorrow night. So I’m back to starting Brady. Lmk if you have any thoughts! WHIR Thx
  4. I'm going with Bo today too. Help?
  5. Bump.. Other options include Foles and Fitzpatrick. Any other thoughts? Thanks!
  6. It's a must win week for me. I had a good start with Williams and Fuller on Thursday night. I'm nervous about Brady because of his shoulder & a bunch of NE receivers are hurt. He looked pretty bad last week. There aren't that many good QB options available.. But would you start any of these guys over him? Darnold Wentz Goff Trubisky Rudolph Daniel Jones Thoughts? WHIR! Thanks
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