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  1. I think I'd roll with Maclin as Bradford is out.
  2. I would prob sit Cooks. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/670381-wr3-this-week-sanu-golladay-or-funchess-whir/
  3. I have Simien and would start Mariota over him. Thx for your help
  4. Could use some help with my W3 this week. Who would you start? 1 point PPR WHIR! Thanks
  5. I think West is probably the safer move considering the Bradford situation
  6. Tarik was a beast last week in my 1 point PPR league. CJ had a good game but subpar fantasy. Am I overthinking this by benching CJ in favor of Tarik? Who would you start? WHIR!
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