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  1. All of them have tough matchups. I think I'd roll with Josh Allen at home. At least he gets you some rushing upside.
  2. I think it depends on your projection H2H this week. If you're projected to win already, take the safer points with MVS. He has a fantastic matchup this week. If you're project to lose or tie I'd role with Williams as McCoy already re-injured himself last week trying to play and looks doubtful that Damien comes back this weekend.
  3. As a Godwin owner I'd take White @ Bills. Bills secondary is underrated, seems like a checkdown to White all game type of situation to me. Meanwhile Rams secondary is elite and their pass rush is definitely gonna hit home against Winston. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/766791-trade-advice-conner-for-julio-whir/
  4. Hollywood I think. Both Cleveland's top corners are banged up. He got insane air yards last week and has the biggest upside by far imo.
  5. I would do that trade. Lockett is playing great but if you watch Seattle's games Metcalf is becoming really involved and he is a huge problem in the secondary which scares me a bit for Lockett's season long outlook. Meanwhile Fournette is a workhorse on a bad offense right now but trending in the right direction with Minshew looking more and more solid. Plus, like you said, you are stacked at WR. Do it
  6. If I'm you I'm sticking with Mixon. Good secondaries in the NFC North and Kirk looks like s---, meanwhile Mixon only stands to gain more work and get more injured pieces back on that offense.
  7. Tough one. I also have Godwin and Carson and made a play for Penny before last week. I think I wouldn't do this trade. Chubb is looking like a workhorse and that team can't move the ball in the air right now. Godwin disappointed last week too so you're selling low on him and buying high on Evans. Williams could come back and lead the KC backfield or he could get phased out completely by the time he is healthy. It's a lot of risk and I feel like you're losing the best player in the trade. Not completely one-sided or obviously bad but I wouldn't take it.
  8. I'd take JuJu and Cooks. I drafted Diggs too (sign), he might need to go to the bench after this trade. Steeler's schedule really opens up and hard to say Rudolph and their O-line is a downgrade over Winston and Tampa's O-line. Cooks gives you a #2 option in a good offense. I'd take it.
  9. Sanders and Thompson in PPR. GB secondary is elite so Sanders stands to benefit from checkdowns. Opportunity for Thompson is huge against a talentless Giants defense. Meanwhile Buffalo will struggle to move the ball against NE.
  10. Definitely not worth a 1st rounder. I don't even know if a 3rd or 4th would be a good value for you. Gallman is nothing special and they are working out other RBs. Highly doubt he comes into a bell cow work load. I would stay pat and keep your draft picks. I also lost Barkley in a redraft league so I feel your pain.
  11. 10 team non PPR league. Star 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB/WR/TE, 1 K, 3 IDP My team: QB: Ryan RB: Conner, Carson, Penny, Darrel Williams, Rex Burkhead, Samuels, Ty Johnson, Darwin Thompson, Barkley (sigh) WR: Godwin, Marquise Brown, Christian Kirk, Valdes-Scantling, Dorsett TE: Kelce K: Gonzalez IDP: Leonard, Collins, Hicks Other team has offered a trade of his Julio Jones for my Conner and Kirk. This goes a bit against the grain trading away RBs after losing Saquon but the value seems right. Conner likely to have a good game at Cincy this week bu
  12. Trying for Juju is one thing but I don't think you'll get quite that much return for Ekeler. Gordon either gets a trade to a team who wants to pay him plus give up assets to the Chargers (not likely) or return by week 10 to accrue a year. Ekeler has a countdown over his head and Jackson could make it a 50/50 split killing both their value. Try for Juju, settle for something a little less valuable is my advice.
  13. Even though it's PPR you're probably still starting Hopkins, Jones, Fournette, Michel, Montgomery which is a really strong starting group especially with Watson and Engram. Solid depth, I'd be really pleased with this out of the 9th spot.
  14. Hard to say how the QB scoring affects this league but it would appear you need high volume accurate passers. Looks like you nailed that part. Your RB are a big strength. Especially having Gordon with Ekeler. Your WRs are okay but have upside. I love Curtis Samuel and Donte Moncrief on your bench. Should either of these guys outperform their current rankings you will have solid WRs too. TE is a weakness obviously but sometimes you have to punt a position. History suggests that rookie TEs rarely produce. I like Hockenson however as he doesn't have any competition and Stafford's short yardage sa
  15. Drop Waller and Coutee for Murray and Hill. You can get a TE of Waller's caliber on the FA market basically any time you need one. Coutee gets hurt every time he plays and STills just came over from Miami in a trade. You're never starting him ahead of Cook. Murray looks to have a significant load based on what the Saints have always done with Kamara/Ingram. Hill is a lottery ticket on the most run heavy offense in the league and might already have a role on 3rd downs.
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