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  1. I would go Lux or Torkelson. With this turning into a dynasty league, I would give a lot of consideration to age and to hitters (I prefer to build the foundation of my dynasty teams with hitting and your pitching has a solid start). Lux fits your team well, Torkelson is probably the top player in a vacuum, but just barely.
  2. 14 team keeper league, keep 17, 5x5 roto. My keeper hitters are: C Perez, 1B Bellinger, 2B K.Marte, 3B Bregman, SS Bichette LF Jimenez, CF Roberts, RF Conforto, UT A.Mondesi Bn E.Rosario, W.Franco I'm trying to rank Torkelson, Vaughn, Abrams and Witt. How would you order those four to take with my first pick? Thanks!
  3. Looking for someone to take over a team in my 16 team dynasty league. Added wrinkle, prefer to have someone who also wants to take over a team in our dynasty hockey league. 16 teams, non-ppr, 3 WRs and a flex, start 8 IDPs. League has been going for 20 years. No $$. Post your email if you're interested and I can send more details. Thanks!
  4. Should I trade either Seager or Mondesi for Matt Olson? 5x5 keeper league. My hitting keepers at the moment are Baez, Mondesi, Seager, McNeil, Yelich, Stanton, Robles and Tucker. We have two UT spots so I don't HAVE to trade a SS (at least until Tucker gets a full time job), but it would obviously be ideal to. Thanks!
  5. If you can get trade #2 without the added money, then I'd say go for it. I don't really care about Frazier that much in the deal. So it's a $13 Snell vs a $7 Hiura for next year. That's an even enough trade and the boost you'd get to your staff this year would make it definitely worth it. But if the money is added, that means it's a $23 Snell vs a $7 Hiura, and that's not looking as good. Plus the money in 2021. Just not worth the boost you get this year. Plus, you don't have to worry about making the playoffs, so hopefully your staff would be in better shape come playoff time.
  6. I'd lean no, but wouldn't blame you for taking it. I like the idea of the offer, trading Jansen for hitting. And I could see you making the deal because it makes sense from a strategy standpoint. But, I would hope you could get more for Jansen. As others have mentioned, trading him makes sense as his name is more valuable than his actual ROS value, and you're in first place in saves. I would just hope that you could get more. So I would say to keep shopping Jansen a bit for hitting. Hopefully you find a deal that produces less of a 50/50 split on a message board like this.
  7. Great trade. I'll take JRam's upside for this season for sure. Keeper implications aren't much of a factor with that low number of keepers.
  8. 5x5 keeper league (keep 10, so none of these guys should be a keeper). I have too many hitters and need to drop one or two of them. Problem is they all feel like they're in the same tier. Who would you drop? Who would you keep for sure? Rank them? Anything to help me decide, thanks! (I need to keep at least one 1B and one 3B out of the group) Wil Myers Franmil Reyes Dan Vogelbach Jay Bruce Jeff McNeil Hunter Renfroe Eric Thames
  9. What round should I draft for set-up men? My league counts for holds. It's an 8 man league.

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