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  1. W. Hung. looking fwd to see where this ends up.
  2. go away. You are a damn idiot.

  3. ehhhh, not really sure where to start here, Milt have any ideas?
  4. http://forums.rotoworld.com/index.php?show...+season+wonders
  5. Is the new avatar, your interpretation of your team in the SSD? Haha

  6. at least every time a music thread starts I get to say home much I hate Nickleback again!!!!!
  7. Congrats on your 1st 50 posts. All 50 were completly pointless by the way. Get a clue b4 you post again.

  8. believe it or not, I just put like 50 Neil Diamond songs on my ipod. Grew up on him, he is the man!!!
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