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  1. How did this topic disappear from the front page? Also, sorry Powell Wheels, you can't have the nickname "WiPo"...it's already copyrighted: http://www.copyright.gov/wipo/
  2. So did you guys see Greg Zuerlein last night? He kilt it.
  3. Wait...isn't he the backup RB for NYJ? O I C wut u did thar...Anyway, he gets touches from mid-3rd quarter onward tomorrow after a Ryan Williams injury after a fumble. 7 touches for 33 yards.
  4. Wish I could buy on this guy; nice sleeper in the next few weeks. Williams has double digit touches each game this season, but also two fumbles and only 144 total yards on 36 touches (4.0 avg). Last game significantly boosted his average and maybe his favor with coaches, but I'd bet he's only a fumble or two away from riding the pine. CBS has him 0% owned, considering dropping a WR3/4 type for this guy. RB's are getting thrashed this year, but is he more valuable at this point than good backups? I'm intrigued. Wouldn't mind finding the next Foster as was mentioned earlier.
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