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  1. Wentz vs NYG Bridgewater vs Saints Brady vs LVR
  2. Good morning! Tough call between these 3 tweener top 10 qb's this week. ~ Brady vs GB ~ Fitzpatrick vs Jets ~ Dalton vs Arizona WHIR
  3. I actually kept him during his bye and just took a ZERO for my kicker that week LOL Still won luckily
  4. If Matthew Berry says "sit him" START him! I am 8-1 going against Berry LOL
  5. I had the last waiver claim as I am 8-1 and somehow landed Woodhead...probably cause he is on a bye. I am stoked to own him and Kamara
  6. I am dropping either Collins or Montgomery for him....put him with Kamara and Fournette and I am stoked! Well if Fournette wants to take team pictures
  7. Personally J Reed like last year 2nd half explosion maybe coming esp after last week and this weather
  8. Bye week is killing me! Which WR to start? Stills vs Balt J Doctson vs Cowboys
  9. Kamara, Corey Davis, Jordan Reed (always seems to explode 2nd half of the year) Josh Doctson
  10. Try deciding between Brady and Wentz weekly! I actually went Wentz last 3 weeks and when I drafted him it was totally a homer pick in round like 13
  11. Hundley.....Nelson and Cobb and Adams will help him against NO
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