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  1. Great second part to the post with contracts . I like the idea of keeping contracts the same in a shortened season . I also think theASG is a joke anyway . Waste of time . Except when Pete Rose played . I also think all ASG are a waste . The most entertaining is the NBA
  2. I looked into the player pool for our draft for pitching and it’s deeper than I had thought so I’ve decided to win the steals catagory and get pitching at the draft . Im keeping Mondessi Thanks for the help
  3. I love James this year . He would have made the rotation last year if didn’t get hurt . I have read all the posts about IF Puig .My If is why isn’t he signed ?
  4. Bichette is my only option there are steals in this draft Ramirez , Moncada the big names of course guys like Buxton but he’s burned me like three times .Its also a head to head league with K’s for hitters as a category
  5. Janes will be the #4 or # 5 starter . Love those K’s
  6. 12 team AL only head to head . Would you trade Mondessi 10.00 for Bieber 8.00 . Both can only be Kept for one year . I’m thinking with the short season it benefits Mondessi
  7. Thank god not every league has vetos . I would never play in one that does Do that deal !
  8. Well I’m not a professional baseball player but I did play a lot of baseball and was pretty good . Good enough yo play in the cape cod league . And I know whenever I got hit I remenbered it the next time up . I never was hit in the head but wax hit in the shoulder several times . It played mind games with me . That was a serious shot he took . Only he knows how he will react .In this case the falling off the horse and getting back on theory does not come into play . Just saying
  9. I’m not holding a guy starting the season on the dl . Chances are very good he will and may not be the same for a while if ever .
  10. Thing is IF and you see that capital letters if . Judge was healthy this wouldn’t even be thread . I’m taking Eloy before the guy changes his mind .
  11. But what happens if Solak catches ? Solak was the odd man odd.
  12. Trout ! who was the last great or even really good tiger pitcher that they drafted or had as a minor leaguer come thru their system other than Verlander ? Thats what I thought .
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