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  1. Answered yours. Thanks again for the advice.
  2. Would go Brown normally but with Julio out you gotta go with Gage.
  3. I agree and I’m trying to decide between Tannehill and Brees. Brees could get 30+ in a shoot out vs KC OR could get hurt after 1 snap let alone split 50/50 with Hill. Then Tannehill could go off if Lions stack the box or they don’t and Henry gets 100 carries errrr
  4. Was trying to decide between Tannehill and Hill....now it’s Tannehill or Brees. Tannehill seems like the save pick but could also be a lower scoring week because the Titans should give the ball to Henry 100 times....unless Lions stack the box, it’s the chicken or the egg question. Brees could get hurt on the first play or he could split time with Hill....OR Brees could get into a shootout with Mahomes and score 30+ points. Michael Thomas is out soooo that should down grade Brees, right? As a curve ball I could also pick up Philis Rivers over Brees and Tannehill?
  5. Ok looks like Alex Smith is out. Leaning towards Seattle or Bucs now.
  6. What about a curve ball and pick up the Saints vs Chiefs? Shouldn't right?
  7. So atm: Seattle: 2 Seattle if no Alex Smith: 1 Viks: 1 Cards: 1 Bucs: 1
  8. Bucs vs Falcons Seattle vs WAS Packers vs Panthers Pats vs Phins Giants vs Browns Viks vs Bears Cards vs Eagles A lot of options I get that but its week 15 and a win puts me into the Championship game!!!!! Every point counts! I will answer yours! Thank you all
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