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  1. I'm can see Walker have a very solid year building on a great last year. Henry is good but not gonna see anything in the red zone. Easy call for me! Whir
  2. I'm leaving Hunt and Elliott in for sure, so really it's Henry or Lynch. Henry plays vs. Seattle while Lynch is at Washington...
  3. The backup in Minnesota is terrible, Diggs is awesome but not without a great qb. Take the RB who's produced when Cousins isn't playing well. As an owner that had drafted Cousins in one league my instinct is telling me he isn't the same guy without the WRs around him last year. Swapped him for Wentz. Might want to look at other options... anyway good luck! Whir
  4. Don't do it. Zeke can still be suspended, and CJ has been producing as good as anyone this season. Don't try to sell low http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/670217-start-3-of-4-ppr-whir/ Whir!
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