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  1. Depends where he was drafted. People drafted him assuming Jamaal wouldnt be able to hold his jock strap but that appears to not be the case in the coaches eyes.
  2. I dont think any Brieda owner wants him getting 20+ touches a week anyway- he ll break. 12-14 carries 2-4 catches is plenty for him to do damage with.
  3. Two words that discredit this sentiment which Jones/Monty do not have: Kyle Shanahan. Trust Shanny RBs.
  4. dont share those kind of facts in the McCoy thread 😅 people might come after you
  5. I provided my evidence for my statements however you are just dismissing them with no evidence of your own. 😑 What trends that you noticed over the years have shown Reid's #2 RB getting more carries than the #1?
  6. I guess you forgot Doug Martin's rookie year. One of the best fantasy RB seasons in recent years for a rookie RB.
  7. Don't give up on Rookie RBs too early in a fantasy season. It usually takes them a few games to get established as 'the guy'. Even Doug Martin was losing carries to Blount at the start of his rookie year when he went on to rush for 1200+ yards.
  8. That's like your opinion man - he never had 80 catches and 1000 yards before last year.
  9. I used to sub in Deshaun Foster over Stephen Davis back in the day for the extra speed ( 90 vs 85) so I could take things to the house when the opportunity was there. AR doesn't play Madden however and he typically has a formula for his game flow scripts.
  10. I prefaced my comments by stating I owned Hunt last year and I watched this RB rotation all year ( even snagging Williams after Ware got injured who I had on my bench all year). I also owned the KC backfield when JC was there when it transitioned to West/Ware. I then owned Ware the following year as well. Going back even further, Ive owned McCoy when HE was on the Eagles. I have watched Reid have maddening choices with his RB usage in terms of carries and how pass happy he generally is but one thing is consistent year in year out, he has never really used a full blown RBBC. His
  11. So he's the start of the week in RB....anyone vaguely remember how often the feature 'Start of the Week' player of that position did really well? Or is that a kiss of death...
  12. If you have watched KC or AR over the years its very obvious what the playing time split will be. Probably McCoy owners want to 'not know' what the split will be but most people who have followed the team and the coaches style know. McCoy is the 3rd down / 2 min drill ( pass catcher) back. You will see him often every 3rd down or hurry up offense. Damien will still catch his fair share of balls but they will be on 1st and 2nd down ( just like Kareem Hunt all last year )
  13. Damien just has to stay healthy. He will be a fine RB2. Every team has multiple backs to utilize in the backfield but not every team has the scoring potential KC has so enjoy having a RB on a good team. The converse is the ugly slopfest of offense Chicago put out last night where its a fantasy quagmire for the RBs. I just wanna remind people that K.Hunt went 3 weeks into last season with only 3 total TARGETS and he is dynamic with the ball in space. Reid has a tendency to be very weird with his RBs, but he won't usually be weird with their PT and completely rotate series.
  14. DA never had 1K yards in a season til last year. He was always a good WR but he had a 'coming out' party for every D coordinator to take notice last year. He won't sneak up on any teams this year and will likely be schemed out each week forcing Rodgers to go elsewhere with the ball. Expect healthy targets every game at least but he will have defenders draped all over him every game until the Pack can show anything on tape to make D coordinators fear of anything else.
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