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  1. Sick analogy, bruh. I actually own zero shares of Carrasco, so this is irrelevant from fantasy. Just saying if a pitcher is ready to pitch, as in 'pitch the ball', you know, like what he gets paid millions of dollars to do (not hit), then let's go. I dont wanna hear a pitcher isnt ready to come back cuz he cant hit. Per this quote from earlier in the thread.. "Probably because the hamstring isn’t healed enough to run, field or bat (now that he’s in the NL) despite his arm being almost ready to pitch." ...So cuz hes in the NL now that means his rehab has to take longer?? Dumb.
  2. So dumb that a 'pitcher' is a month away from playing because he cant 'run' or 'hit'. If hes ready to pitch then put him out there. Couldnt care less about him running or hitting.
  3. They better bring him back out to get the QS
  4. Not super high on eflin. India for bell could be fair, but who really knows how bell will play. He had a nice ST and was hyped by many, doesnt necessarily mean hes gonna do well this season. Hes disappointed us before. All that said, I'd be happy getting bell for eflin.
  5. Lol Hiura hits a home run immediately after I post this. 🙄
  6. 5x5 (obp and QS) Who you got ROS? WHIR
  7. So what happens when he goes on another streak of 6 great games? Im sure all the haters will disappear again. It's like he has a couple 'subpar' games (still decent numbers) and everyone jumps down his throat
  8. Lol. He approaches a trip-dub and ppl still complaing. 🙄
  9. Huh? Are you now chiming in after his first single digit game in weeks, where he only played 24 mins cuz his team won by 40 pts, and he had a +15. Oh and he had 2 stocks and shot well. Sorry yall hate him but hes helping my team. You were saying??
  10. Bryce Harper has .500 obp with 250 r+rbi (unanimous mvp) Cavan Biggio gets triple-triple - 100r, 100rbi, 100bb Jack Flaherty has sub 2.50era and 250+ Ks Kershaw barely throws 100 reg season innings Dodgers have 7 pitchers make 20 starts Alex Colome leads league in Saves, gets 90 Ks Alex Kirilloff hits 25hrs, steals 15 bags Judge, Stanton, Hicks all hit 30+ hrs, combine for 600 r+rbi Giancarlo Stanton hits 45hrs with 130rbi (top3 mvp; plays less than 6 games in OF) Vlad Jr hits 40hr and 120rbi Joey Gallo hits 46hr to win HR crown Acuna, Ta
  11. The way I see it- you have 162 starts. Figure bauer/buehler/kersh/urias are gonna take up about 120 of those (Bauer prob gets the most, kersh will miss his hand full of starts and buehler prob gets stretched out some throughout the year same with urias). This leaves 40ish starts for price, may, gonsolin. Price has already expressed hes fine coming out of the pen, and that's prob best for him and the team at this stage in his career, so combine that with his injury history and I can see price only getting 5-10 starts. Also not sure how they are handling Urias. Do they unleash him to approach 30
  12. Would love this. Have a bunch of senzel and hicks. But I doubt any Yankee plays over 150 games. It's just not their thing. Edit: so yea, I guess that's bold lol
  13. Def not expecting Raps Norm numbers, but no chance Nurk gets more shot attempts than Norm. Can make a case for Melo, maybe even BobCov, but def not Nurk. They brought Norm in to take shots n bomb 3s, maybe help on D. That's what we should expect.
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