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  1. Agholor @ Cle, Lamb @ Phi PPR Agholor seems like bigger boom here, with more trusted QB, in higher scoring game. But I know Lamb will fall into endzone if I dont use him. Who you got? whir
  2. I def like Watson more, hes putting up big numbers BUT the worse Hou record/position in standings gets the higher likelihood they completely throw in the the towel, which could be bad for watson or really bad. Jackson is prob safer, but if Hou can stay somewhat competitive Watson is a league winner type. I'd trade whoever you can get more for Help?
  3. Totally agree. Theres no doubt parker is better overall option than agholor, but if theres ever a week to bench parker this has got to be it. And agholor is hot rn and has a juicy matchup here
  4. Andrews. Not really close. Theres like 4 TEs you start without question. Andrews is one of them. What team is r rodgers even on? JK. But srsly hes a dart throw. A decent dart throw in a nice spot. But still a dart throw. Reagor coming back, maybe goedert too. Help?
  5. I like both trades. But think I like the first one a bit more cuz it's more simple and somewhat less risk. Chark been so inconsistent and Jax qb play is up in the air. Fournette could very useful player down the stretch on really good TB. Could you maybe do MBrown for Fournette? Prob not, but feel a little better about that one. MBrown is kinda boom or bust on an O that's doing very little booming. I like the other trade too. Giving up Lamar and more players can be risky, but Lamar has been disappointing and it's no guarantee that he will even be better than Wentz ros. Wentz has
  6. Is this a keeper/dynasty league? If it is then no doubt go with DK. It must be keeper cuz you have like 3 first rounders and 3 second rounders. Allen seems safest, but DK is def more attractive play, cant blame you for picking him over Allen. Does your league reward points for WRs making defensive plays? Cuz then DK is the obv guy you want
  7. Williams n lamb for thomas? Might not be enough, but frustrated thomas owner might bite. I can see thomas setting the world on fire when he finally starts to play and folks are prob low on him rn
  8. I'm surprised with the confidence in parker. I just dont see how the MIA O is gonna be productive. Unless Tua shocks the world
  9. I wouldnt do any of those. That seems way too much to give up. But it looks like you have the depth to make the sacrifice, so.. I'd prob go Allen, think hes most reliable. Brown is a boss, but could be risky. DK might have more games where Lockett steals the show. Also I'd be careful with Herbert vs Tannehil. Think I might trust Tannehil ros. It's close tho.
  10. PPR, Pick 2: D Parker vs LAR (seems banged up, tua first start vs tough D, prob see lots of ramsey) Lamb @ PHI (dinucci? dalton? O is a mess, but qb might needa rely on slot) Agholor @ CLE (scored in 3 straight, maybe top LV wr, prob high score game) whir
  11. Moore. AB is really gonna shake things up in TB. Also godwin injuries this yr. Love the Godwin talent, and he might have decent games next couple weeks w/o AB, but things are gonna start getting messy there. Moore does seem like a disappointment but hes still on pace for almost 1300yds. I feel like theres more good to come long term. Gio is rental and Diontae is a hot mess.
  12. Normal I'd say just start Tannehill, but Herbert has a supreme matchup. I would think based on their matchups Herbetts floor is Tannehils ceiling. I'd go Herbert this week. Help?
  13. Start Fant coming off injury, in snow game? Or Hurst vs a shockingly decent Det TE def? Hurst seems like safer play. I think that Atl/Det game will have plenty points and Det Def is not scary. Fant or Hurst?? PPR whir
  14. Evans has been hobbling around the field half the year, Godwin basically hasn't played, howard is done, gronk is hurt and non existant in passing game, RBs dont seem overly involved in passing game.. I didn't think this was best team for AB but I think he has a clearer path to 6-7 targets/game than it seems. Like you said Brady prob lobbied for him so hes gonna get him the ball.
  15. Think I like fells situation more. But it's a crapshoot
  16. PICK 1: B cooks, J jackson, T higgins Need to start 1, PPR whir
  17. PICK 2: Carson, M Davis, Keenan Allen PPR
  18. Oof, it's a crapshoot. Dobbins prob has better chance lead back, right? Maybe drop pollard? I know you want the zeke insurance but how good would pollard really be with a bad QB and decimated OLine? Theyre always gonna be trailing and have too many good WRs to feed. Cowboys are failing, and I'm honestly lil worried about zeke himself. (Im a cowboy fan) I'd rather have guys like dobbins n akers with bigger upside on far better teams. Just me tho But rn between dobbins n akers....I'd go dobbins
  19. Id rather have tyreek and gibson honestly
  20. I'll just chime in again here. I dont hate the TB play, been using them all year and they're great. But I just feel Phi is safer here. TB just gave up 31pts to LAC a couple weeks ago...is LAC Off really any different LV Off? Theres more of a chance of LV putting up 20+ pts than the giants, also for phi getting a takeaway. In 4 of 6 games this yr the giants have scored less than 16pts, and only 9pts in two of them! The only game they did anything was against cowboys, and we all know how good that dallas def is.Giants are baaaaddd and eagles are home, I'd be really shocked if the giants do
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