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  1. I Give: gallup/cousins I Get: henderson/akers 2qb, 10 team, ppr. Fair? He badly needs a qb. He lost Cam N and has Stafford on a bye next week. My team: QB: dak, watson, d jones, cousins RB: henry, drake, dobbins, fournette WR: chark, d parker, gallup, lamb, diontae j, higgins TE: andrews, fant WHIR
  2. In a 2QB, 10 team, PPR...i had been looking for a solid #2 qb for a couple weeks; was offered, and accepted, this in middle of games yesterday: I get: D Watson, Fournette I give: C Carson, Fitz Magic How'd I do? My current team(before trade): QB: dak, fitzpat, d jones, cousins RB: henry, drake, carson, dobbins WR: chark, d parker, gallup, lamb, diontae j, higgins TE: andrews, fant Theres another guy that lost Cam N and has Stafford on a bye next week so thinkin bout offering him my Gallup/cousins for his henderson/akers.
  3. Lol, everyone in here gettin cray. I have drake in a couple leagues, and sure I'm a lil disappointed, but really not that worried. His next 4 games are jets, cowgirls, sea, mia. Unless hes hurt, he'll get his pts. LOVE THE DRAKE!
  4. I have Andrews and I have no idea what to think of him. I was expecting a big year in a killer offense, but he did not look great in that KC game last week. It would not surprise me if he was a bust and put up pedestrian TE numbers, but I also wouldn't be shocked if he scored 10 tds from here on out. We'll see what happens this week
  5. Sit kelce, put gesicki at te and flex parker. Dolphins gonna be doin keep up in that game and seahawk D is a mess, one of parker/gesicki should have huge game(maybe even both). Maybe even play parker at WR instead of Arob. Chicago is playing much tougher Def this week(arobs numbers imploded last week vs awful Falcons. Indy is much tougher). Then put Henderson at flex, rams gonna run a lot this game and hes looked great. Help?
  6. I trust the fitz matchup most, should get lots of yards. Help?
  7. Metcalf, ridley, lockett, theilen, parker, moore Going ballsy here cuz Metcalf is great and I dont fully trust lockett staying healthy. Also I like parker situation better than Moore's. Help?
  8. Ben/drake, but it could also depend on your team. I like drake's value rn, hes gonna take off soon. Help?
  9. Goff is safer, on better team. Fitz has juicy game this wk tho. Help?
  10. Yea I would. Tough to give up kamara but I like CEH season long, and this makes you WRs killer. Help?
  11. Well it comes down to goff or magic. Goff has a real nice matchup but the giants are awful, is that game gonna be a blowout n turn into a runathon for LA? Feel like Fitzy is gonna needa throw(or maybe even run?) a lot. I think his absolute floor is min 300 tot yards and couple tds. I think I might use fitz over watson in my league(that league awards heavy on passing yds) but maybe I'm crazy Help?
  12. I'm in same spot. I'm planning on bench him, youd think if cam was positive more will come up. I have carson too so my team is a hot mess. Luckily I snagged hyde and wilson
  13. I'd most definitely stick with Woods, it's really not close to me. Green been disappointing, boyd is clear go to guy fir burrow and I feel like higgins might continue to ascend. Jefferson should be really good player going forward, but hes only done it for one game so far Woods is most reliable, plus now it seems like he gets decent rush yds every game
  14. Well I may have just lost CEH, plus I have carson, Ridley and Adams lol so my team is a hot mess and may needa go for the ceiling play
  15. Do I get cute and use Fitzmagic over Watson? My league awards .1 pts for every passing yard (same as std receiving/rushing scoring). Feel like Fitzy should throw atleast 300 yds this week. WHIR
  16. Cowboys are playing Browns and I already said higgins is vs Jax, which would mean chark is vs Cin
  17. No. Are we sure drake wont be as good as jones ros? Maybe not, but drake dominated 2nd half last year. Jones is volatile. Sure, 1v1 I'd prob rather have jones but its not enough for lamb v thomas, even with thomas possibly not playing this week. Youd be selling thomas and drake at their lowest. I'd hold here. Help?
  18. Prob Carson, but what if they get up big and rest him late? Id stay tuned (i have carson in 3 leagues)Could be last min decision. Boyd against Jax is nice match too. Help?
  19. Pick2: gallup, lamb, higgins, chark. PPR Thinking chark, gallup. Tough sort out these guys. Have good feeling about higgins, especially against Jax, but prob too risky?? WHIR
  20. I think you do this. Now that PIT has its bye this week Diontae has extra week to recover, then you can basically set n forget for ros. Singletary is in surprisingly high powered offense. And fant is basically #1 pass option on his team, he should have nice game tn. I don't think you're giving up much, yea Godwin is great but how injured is he, and they have number of weapons on that team. They may take it easy on him cuz they have eyes on postseason. Smith is nice TE but his value drops a lot when brown comes back
  21. Yea, I'd go for it. Assuming you're not worried about possible complications with mcaffreys return. I'm just not convinced we can totally rely on ekeler from week to week, especially with rookie qb. But I'd do Gibson/lamar for ekeler. Maybe throw in bridgwater and ask for his weakest rb for insurance? Help?
  22. Crowder assuming he plays. Darnold security blanky. Help?
  23. Very close. I'd go hill, Hines, perine. Perine prob best talent but I want no part of that Jets O. Hill and Hines are solid backups in good teams, but hill has better chance of taking over. Help?
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