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  1. That's not at all what im saying. I'm saying theres no need to rush those two guys back. Atleast not right now. When CJ is ready, he obv gets the starting job back over GTJ. But Trent needs to continue to get big mins, whether that's taking mins from DJJ or Melo or hood, w/e. Trent is prob they're 3rd best Off weapon after dame/cj. I do think they should consider Nurk coming off the bench for the first week or so, just kinda ease him in. He just seems so fragile they should wanna slowly ramp him up for playoffs. Either way, whoever is starting, a timeshare might not be the worst idea
  2. Lol obv they're playing well cuz of Dame. Hes a legit MVP candidate. But I just wonder if rushing to shove high usage guys like CJ or even Nurk into the mix will ruin the chemistry they have going rn. No doubt CJ and Nurk are game changers. At some point theyll both come in a help Dame n Co, but just doesn't seem like they NEED it right now.
  3. I think Kanter will keep getting the bulk of mins for a while after Nurk comes back. Maybe something like 20-22 for Nurk n 26-28 for kanter. Theres just no reason to shake things up with how well they're playing, plus with how fragile Nurk has been why force starters mins on him. Maybe as it gets closer to playoffs theyll start to shift more to Nurk, but they should be happy they got this badass center tandem, and should keep taking advantage of kanters great play. I'm also curious to see how they handle GTJ when CJ comes back. I imagine they might not be as cautious with CJ compa
  4. Would much rather have the Brogdon side. Maybe help?
  5. McConnell for me. Sooo many Stls n assists, great FG%, low turns. He has heart n plays hard, he'll get his minutes Help?
  6. Who you got?.. Mikal bridges/m turner Or Durant/boucher 9cat, h2h whir
  7. Anything to this guy? Been playing really well lately. Over his last 6 games: about 16/3/3 on 50/90 shooting, with Four 3s and a Stl on 30 mins a game. I expect FG% to come down, and maybe Pts n 3s a bit too, but there could be solid fantasy relevance of hes getting close to 30 mins. Seems like he could be better version of guys like DuncanRob or JHarris
  8. Lol, calling me mean, and a scammer? Settle down. All I'm saying is Ayton is playing better since beg of year, while lately Turner is regressing (funny how you failed to mention Turners stats over last 2 weeks and only mentioned Aytons) There are reliable, trustworthy, credited sites out there, such as FantasyPros, that have Ayton and Turner with a similar Rest Of Season ranking. And I agree with that. Sure, I'd prob rather have Turner ROS, but it's close. Turner is your guy if you need Blks, and i guess some 3s n Stls (tho his stls are way down from beg of yr, and youd get mor
  9. Yeah, I'm good. Thanks for asking. How are you? Ok, so for reference, trade was: Ayton/trent jr/Aldridge for m turner/Nurk... Over the last month, based on yahoo 9cat totals, Ayton is hovering around 3rd round value. Turner has been a bit better during that timeframe but he is gradually came back to earth after his ridiculous start to the year. Ayton prob wont reach his end of 2nd round value you paid for, but there's no reason he cant sustain close to 3rd round value ros, and I imagine Turner will have similar value ros, unless he reverts back to shooting well over 50% with
  10. Nice lil FG% kill tonight, thank you sir. The free throw shooting is nice tho
  11. Sell high. Bubble Murray just isn't sustainable, unfortunately.
  12. And yes, we know his overall numbers have dipped a tad from last year (leading to 'mid round' value), but over the last month+ hes hovering around 3rd round value. He had a kinda rough start to the season. Thatll happen when a ball dominant, HOF pg comes in a takes over the team. Took them a min to mesh. Seems fair enough. Think I'd rather have the ayton side, but it's close. Aldridge and Nurk are a wash. Neither was playin great before injury, who knows how theyll be after, or even when they're coming back. I suppose Nurk offers more upside, but the Blazers and Kanter are pl
  13. Lol what?!? I'm not saying those guys arent better players, but the 3 of them have missed a combined 32 games this year! They're super talented players, often elite, but they were drafted end of 2nd round for a reason. Ayton hasn't missed a game(and Phx actually has couple games to make up from PPDs earlier this year) In a redraft, I'm sure PG, kyrie n Jimmy would go ahead of him. But I really dont think Ayton would fall too far from where he was drafted this yr. Like maybe end of 3rd round (35th) at worst.
  14. I dont get it. I think he had a really solid line last night. Solid points, decent Rebs, couple assists, 7/9 from field, didn't miss any FT, a Blk, n even hit a 3. Very happy with that, will gladly take every single game. Not sure what all the fuss is about. Over the last month hes avg 15/13, on 60/80 shooting, playing well over 30 mins a game. I kno his Pts n Def stats are down a bit this yr, but his shooting and rebs are up. In a redraft maybe he goes in the 3rd round instead of the 2nd?
  15. Lol I decided to accept the trade last night. Funny how quick the opinions changed after the Drummond news today.
  16. Is this real? Wouldnt a 'torn' hamstring be a lot longer than 2 weeks? I reading 2 games...
  17. I like the siakam/boucher side more, especially with Drummond possibly on the move to a team where he'll have far less usage. Funny part is it's possible drummond might get traded to Tor, then thatd be a disaster for you. Chances of him going to Raptors is prob slim tho, just kinda hearsay, but it is a possibility. Help?
  18. Yes, I would. Adams not playing well, low usage, minutes trending in wrong direction. Ideally you hold adams a bit longer just in case and maybe drop someone else. But if its between adams and theis, id go easily Theis. Help maybe?
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