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  1. And 'I told you so attitude'? Huh? I'm just defending this player against ppl that are trying to justify why they dropped him or that he belongs on the WW, just because an average player (caris 'overrated' levert) came back from injury. And yes, I do think he sees mins in or around the 30s again this season. Probably a bunch of times. Players get hurt, players get in foul trouble, players have bad games, players have rest days. TJ is good enough to supplement when those things happen. Jus sayin'.
  2. That's my point tho.... Even in limited mins he can produce. Two games ago he played 22 mins, went 6/9 with 12 points, 4 assists and a steal. 4 TOs, but I'll still take those numbers. Since mid-Jan, if you take out games where he played less than 20 mins (which is only 3) he is averaging 9/4/7.5, with 2.5 stocks, while shooting 55%. So what I'm saying is when given 20+ mins (with or w/o Levert, holiday, whoever), he will produce. Sure he'll have some duds, but hes also gonna sprinkle in games like last night too.
  3. I love how much ppl complain about 'wasting' a 2nd round pick on him. Thanks to the fact that he hasnt missed a game (which is very important in most leagues) hes ranked higher than half the guys drafted around him. Durant, Booker, SGA, Donny, and Russ are all ranked lower than him. Even PG is only a couple spots ahead of him. Wouldn't surprise me if he works his way into top35 by seasons end. Which makes him a 3rd rounder instead of a 2nd 😲
  4. Of course I'm not expecting the production from his most recent contest to happen every game. That's ridiculous. What I do expect is what hes done over the last week or so (4 games with Levert back*) to continue. A couple 'booty' games, a decent game, and a great game. Hes basically been doing that for months. I'm really not worried about Levert. TJ helps his team too much in ways most others cant. He only needs limited mins to produce value. IRL and fantasy. Elite FG% and Stocks, and 6+ assists. That's what I expect. If he could lower the TOs a tad, and stop missing free throws (whi
  5. Since mid January (over 2 months) our boy is among league leaders in Assists and actually LEADS THE LEAGUE IN STEALS, while shooting way over 50%. And he can even get you some Rebs and Blks (over his last 30 games avgs 4rebs and 0.5blks, I'll take that from the PG position). TJ has an unmatched skill set and energy on the court. Not worried about Caris 'overrated' Levert.
  6. Lol. Game of his life?? Just a few games ago he had a triple double. Oh, then a couple games before that he had 17/12. And then a few games before that he had 19 points and 5 stocks. Oh, then the game before that he had 12 asts and 6 stocks. Should I continue? Or are you catching the trend here?
  7. Lol agreed. But he better not get suspended. Be a damn travesty to get suspend for a minor outburst after a play in the final seconds that the Refs screwed you over on
  8. Yes, do this. Who knows how much KD will play ros. They are clearly gonna baby him, and tbh it doesnt seem like they really need him rn. If you can get a high quality early round stud like SGA in return for KD, you gotta take it. I traded KD for KP before the ASB and I'm very glad I did that, and it may have saved my season.
  9. Guess they showed you lolol. Was actually a pretty entertaining game
  10. I would think so. KPJ def has better outlook. Still hard to drop Trent rn without seeing how his mins play out with CJ. Like even on an 'off night' tonight he had 4 threes and 17pts. Those arent the most amazing numbers, but it's not an ez drop. That said, KPJs upside is huge, so if u have to drop Trent for him then so be it
  11. Lol going to the Nets. Who else the Nets gonna get?? Maybe theyll trade for LeBron.
  12. Anyone hear of an update on this guy?? Think he'll be ready to go on Thurs? Itll be 14 days off by then. He was on such a heater prior to going down. I want that magic back
  13. Lavine is prob a big reason you're gonna 'make playoffs no question'. Why trade him for two guys coming off injury? Tbh idk if I'd trade lavine for them even if those two were healthy all year
  14. What's his playing time going to look like when he comes back? Ball, Rozier, and even Monk all playing great. And its feasible to say Graham is the least talented of the 4.
  15. Thought the boxscore was a glitch when I first saw, but... THIS DUDE IS AN ANIMAL!! Perfect FG%, 11 assists, 10 Stocks, 0 PFs!! Ridiculous.
  16. Prob brings down his Pts n Rebs a bit. Nance n Love will get there buckets, and they're both good rebounders. So there will be games where those two take away from Allen. Tbh tho, it won't hurt his overall numbers much, hes still very much their future and their featured big man. And these two could also help in spacing the floor leading to more open looks for Allen. So it should only slightly impact him. But let's be real here, Nance will get rest days/sits here n there, and Love will he hurt again in 2 weeks.
  17. Pretty solid numbers last night considering how poorly he started the game shooting. Obv want better FG%, but hes not gonna start 1-9 shooting often. But he looked really good moving around, grabbing boards and attacking the basket; THAT PUTBACK SLAM WAS FEROCIOUS. And even saw a couple really nice down-low post moves. Hope I'm not just tryna sell myself on KP, but I like what I saw. We know he has elite upside
  18. They should be pretty similar ROS. Allen more Blocks, and I guess more Rebs. Ayton better FT%. In a redraft rn for ROS I'd still prob take Ayton over Allen, but it's real close. Ayton just seems safer. But no denying Allen has been exciting in his new role.
  19. member that one game he shot 50% from the field? That was cool. Jk, great game tonight.
  20. 4 straight games now with 20 or more points (and 5 of last 6)...pretty solid line again tonight! The no 3s tonight burned me tho
  21. We gettin D stats now too?! Awww yaaa
  22. its almost like Embiid is a better player than Allen or something
  23. I'm not saying dont play him at all, just no need to play him a ton of mins and have him out there chucking shots. I mean, the Knicks are winning. Haliburton was a projected lotto pick, sure he fell in the draft, but he is a far superior player to IQ. Guarantee you if IQ started playing 30+ mins a game his FG% would drop even lower than it is, TOs would go up and Knicks would prob lose couple more games. It's just not worth it for a player that's far exceeding expectations. Hes not a good defender yet, and hes inconsistent on offense. Sometimes it's better to conserve greatness rath
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