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  1. Maybe Thibs is trying to conserve IQs greatness? He could run him out there 30+ mins a game, have him chuck more shots and give up more TOs...but that's not gonna help his development. Dont get me wrong, I think he deserves a few more mins then hes been getting, and some of these other no-name/has-been guards need to be on the court less, but IQ is far out playing expectations. If they played him a ton of mins it would ruin his development, atleast for now. Maybe by end of season he'll be getting starter mins, depending on knicks place in standings and how serious they're taking thi
  2. Also wouldnt surprise me if they're just trying to take it ez with this 'back thing' and sit him against bruisers like Embiid and JV. They're next game is Bkn, a much easier opponent, where the Mavs will need more scoring. I'm hoping that's the case anyway, and he plays next game. I mean Carlisle did say he doesn't expect it to be long term.. But yea, unfortunately I also could see him sit another week or so. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Prob will sit Vs Philly too. I assume they wont want him banging against Embiid. Super frustrating, just traded for him over the wknd
  4. I dont think Klay automatically makes them a contender again. Klay hasnt played in forever, getting older and coming off some serious injuries. No doubt klay's experience and wisdom will help the team some, but I dont think it's enough to compete with Lakers, clippers, jazz or even suns. Wiseman is still prob a couple years out from truly developing. I'm sure the warriors feel like their window to win another chip is rapidly closing. Dray, klay, steph all in their 30s. Wiseman will be a very good player someday, hes just not a 'win now' player. Trading Wiseman for Porzingis might no
  5. Maybe they're afraid JV would break KP after JV tossed that dude last week
  6. Ya, I feel u. I mean, you could prob package murray n some lesser player for one of the names I mentioned, but you may just be fishing then. Might as well hold I guess. A month ago I traded Murray for haliburton n duncanRob. Kinda regret it a bit now, duncanRob been very disappointing, ended up dropping him. But atleast haliburton is a legit stud.
  7. Maybe a top 20ish guy that's under performing or been disappointing recently? Maybe could work out a deal to get kyrie or KD. I'm sure KD owners are fed up. Maybe straight for booker? Or even Butler? Idk, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe murray sets the world on fire ros, but I doubt it. Seems like a great time to sell high on murray n buy low on an elite stud
  8. Theres 12 teams in my league, i think McConnell is very valuable. He's 3rd in the league in Steals, and had 3 games recently with 12+ assists. Since the end of January, TJ is at about 9/8/4 on 50% shooting and 2.5 stocks, with low TOs for a guard. The only weird thing that sticks out is his poor FT%, but thats an aberration, he barely shoots free throws, hes 4 for 12 on the season, hes normally more like 80%. I dont expect him to put up 9/8/4 and 2.5 stocks ROS, but theres no reason he cant come close. The Pacers are down a couple key players that arent expected back anytime soon, an
  9. I'm fighting for a playoff spot, and have gotten just completely fed up with KD. I need guys playing and he's too valuable to just sit on my INJ list, its frustrating. KD is an ez top 5 guy when playing, but the Nets clearly have no intent of pushing him if they don't need to. They seem like a lock for a top 3 seed in East (with decent shot at the 1 seed) and that's with KD sitting out a bunch. There's still no timetable for KDs return, and even when he does comeback I envision plenty of rest days or minor 'injuries' ahead. So...i traded: Kevin Durant for Porzingis and TJ
  10. That's not at all what im saying. I'm saying theres no need to rush those two guys back. Atleast not right now. When CJ is ready, he obv gets the starting job back over GTJ. But Trent needs to continue to get big mins, whether that's taking mins from DJJ or Melo or hood, w/e. Trent is prob they're 3rd best Off weapon after dame/cj. I do think they should consider Nurk coming off the bench for the first week or so, just kinda ease him in. He just seems so fragile they should wanna slowly ramp him up for playoffs. Either way, whoever is starting, a timeshare might not be the worst idea
  11. Lol obv they're playing well cuz of Dame. Hes a legit MVP candidate. But I just wonder if rushing to shove high usage guys like CJ or even Nurk into the mix will ruin the chemistry they have going rn. No doubt CJ and Nurk are game changers. At some point theyll both come in a help Dame n Co, but just doesn't seem like they NEED it right now.
  12. I think Kanter will keep getting the bulk of mins for a while after Nurk comes back. Maybe something like 20-22 for Nurk n 26-28 for kanter. Theres just no reason to shake things up with how well they're playing, plus with how fragile Nurk has been why force starters mins on him. Maybe as it gets closer to playoffs theyll start to shift more to Nurk, but they should be happy they got this badass center tandem, and should keep taking advantage of kanters great play. I'm also curious to see how they handle GTJ when CJ comes back. I imagine they might not be as cautious with CJ compa
  13. Would much rather have the Brogdon side. Maybe help?
  14. McConnell for me. Sooo many Stls n assists, great FG%, low turns. He has heart n plays hard, he'll get his minutes Help?
  15. Who you got?.. Mikal bridges/m turner Or Durant/boucher 9cat, h2h whir
  16. Anything to this guy? Been playing really well lately. Over his last 6 games: about 16/3/3 on 50/90 shooting, with Four 3s and a Stl on 30 mins a game. I expect FG% to come down, and maybe Pts n 3s a bit too, but there could be solid fantasy relevance of hes getting close to 30 mins. Seems like he could be better version of guys like DuncanRob or JHarris
  17. Lol, calling me mean, and a scammer? Settle down. All I'm saying is Ayton is playing better since beg of year, while lately Turner is regressing (funny how you failed to mention Turners stats over last 2 weeks and only mentioned Aytons) There are reliable, trustworthy, credited sites out there, such as FantasyPros, that have Ayton and Turner with a similar Rest Of Season ranking. And I agree with that. Sure, I'd prob rather have Turner ROS, but it's close. Turner is your guy if you need Blks, and i guess some 3s n Stls (tho his stls are way down from beg of yr, and youd get mor
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