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  1. Think I'd rather have ayton/vleet Those 2 for lavine is close tho. But Lavine is scorching rn, can he keep it up? Vleet has been great too tho, and ayton has to get better, right? Help?
  2. Also, I'm unfamiliar with the DD category, I assume its double-doubles. Ayton will most likely get more, but collins will still get plenty
  3. I think so. Collins has been slightly disappointing as well and can be inconsistent, but his overall numbers are still great. Elite %s, very good scoring n Rebs, 3s n blks. Idk if Ayton can reach those numbers; ud be improving scoring, 3s, ft%, while only taking a bit of a hit in Rebs. Help?
  4. He also does those dope State Farm commercials!
  5. Yes. Absolutely do this, especially since punt assists. Can you afford to lose porzing blks/does it matter? Tatum n Middleton are ballers, also rozier is waaayyy above ross imo. Edit: i just saw now ur 'stupidly ahead in blocks'. Do this trade. Help maybe?
  6. same here. feel like Allen is gonna go off later in the year. But this offer seems too juicy to pass up. love Conley but whats going on with him? are they holding him out for a while cuz theyre doin so well? was conley playing too well to begin with??
  7. was offered Ayton/Keldon/A Edwards for my Jarrett Allen/Mike Conley 9cat, h2h, yahoo Which side? WHIR
  8. Lol, these two^^ are kids, barely old enough to drink. Them being irresponsible is almost expected. KD is a multi-time finals mvp, in his 30s. He should know better. Lettuce be reality. This is all a ploy by the nets/nba so KD can get more rest.. 😏
  9. Jingle bells! Mike Conley who? Jk, but that was a very Conley-like game by jingles
  10. Killed the offensive glass at the end. Impressive
  11. Drop wiseman. Hes out another week, and they're kinda babying him. You could do the trade, but it's very possible JV is better than hunter and/or mikal ros, especially w jjj out longer. If you're really feeling hunter or mikal (or if one of those 2 really helps you in a specific Cat) then pull a trade. But I think just dropping Wiseman is the simplest move. Help?
  12. Boucher/trent jr for hield/portis 9cat, h2h, Yahoo Which side? WHIR
  13. im middle of the pack in a 12 team. Ive had a couple tough luck matchups, and Booker dragging me down most of the year lol (traded him last week). I dont really NEED anything specific. I could prob use more points and steals, maybe assists, and I guess my FG% and Rebs could be slightly better. Not really super worried about any specific category (right now atleast) But yes, its more of a sell 'high' on Durant for me. Theres a bunch of KAT dealings out there, where ppl were getting huge hauls in return for KAT, and it inspired me to see what i could get for KD. its prob a moot
  14. Capela does not seem like a great match up for him, unfortunately. Capela seems fairly bigger and stronger. He might get a bit more of leash tho, cuz its not an awful matchup for him and he played well last night. His next matchup vs Mem (JV is back) could be tough too tho. JV is much bigger than him. But then he has a juicy matchup vs Was, and Bos after that which could be good too.
  15. What about kd/Boucher/trent jr for ayton/middleton/g hayward ?? Still not enough? Or now am I giving too much? I honestly don't even think hed do that lol Thanks for the help
  16. Think I'd pick up Poeltl, his role is great when LMA is out. Poeltl will help in rebs, fg% and should put you comfortably ahead in blks; just gotta hope he doesn't shoot too many free throws lol (which is likely). I like the Bojan pickup too, but being that u don't really need 3s n Pts, those are his main things. Edit: I would drop Theis over Thad. But also how long can Thad really keep this going? Help?
  17. I think you should hold. I like sabonis/fox a tad more than young/white I feel like itd be story of the year if Levert came back. It seems like a pretty serious thing and maybe they should just look forward to next year w him. Help?
  18. Which side wins? KD or ayton/middleton?? 9Cat, h2h, yahoo WHIR
  19. That's an insane haul for a guy with a lot of question marks around him. You get three top 25 players, that help in just about every Cat and hurt you basically nowhere. Gallo is basically nothing, hes an older player, on a deep team, fighting for mins, and has a long injury history. And Beasley has played really well in Min, but almost too well, past expectations; whatre beasleys numbers gonna look like when KAT does play? Maybe he keeps it up, maybe he doesn't. I would jump all over this. Offers like this make wonder what I could get for Durant
  20. Not sure about the love for Zo over Melo. I'd would absolutely do this. Porzingus is the epitome of a piece of glass, and even if he doesn't get hurt again/miss time, he'll prob only play like 75%(?) of their remaining games(per rest days). And sure the Ball brothers have big potential and can go on heaters, but they also have flaws and can hurt you in some areas. We pretty much kno what lonzo is, and lamelo may not truly emerge until next season. They both just still seem kinda raw to me, and are the type to keep fixing/work on their games. I'd much rather have middketon and ha
  21. If hes so horrible at defending most Centers why doesn't he just play PF, or even SF? It's not like hes THAT crazy tall for an nba player. Tbh, when hes out there he looks more like a forward. If theres all these 'oversized' PGs and 'undersized' Cs out there, why cant Boucher be a slightly oversized SF or normal-sized PF? What am I missing that's limiting him to only playing the center position?? Asking for a pal.
  22. High praise. But I can see some similarities. Hes like a very raw, less smooth, more awkward kyrie. Less sage rituals
  23. Yes! Was just thinking this after the Monday game Playing w Paul, and other players around him developing, has turned him into nothing more than a relentively efficient scorer, with handful of TOs. Not much else going on
  24. Booo. W/e tho, its against the Clips, gonna be a tough game anyway
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