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  1. At this point, if u can get broLo for jjj, then do it. Like, how much is jjj even gonna end up playing this year? U might already be out of it by time he comes back. Atleast maybe a quality player like lopez can help now. Help maybe??
  2. Noel plays 8 more mins than mitch? Wtf?? Mitch +2 vs Noel -10
  3. I'd hang on to Middleton. I dont think that's nearly enough for him. Capela been playing very well lately, but could be hard to keep up, and the injury risk is always there...same with dragic. Getting Gobert would be better but I still like middleton more. Help maybe?
  4. I like getting Wiggins for graham. Wiggins looking good in GS. Plus if ur tanking FT% makes wiggins even better to own. It you can land MPJ for either these guys it's a steal
  5. Think I like the Allen/white side more. Allen's role on Cavs is so murky, just dont kno what theyll do w Dummond. Guess it depends on needs, take the dipo side if u need scoring. Pretty fair trade but depends on needs. Help maybe?
  6. And last week they were the 5 seed. And next week theyll be the 9 seed. Following week theyll be the 11 seed. They still have 52 games left. You really have that much confidence in this team with a losing record 20 games into their season? It would be shocking if the Cavs, or Knicks, made a top 8 seed this season. I hope it happens tho, I'll root hard for em.
  7. You said Cle is playing for playoffs. They are not. Like I said, maybe they find themselves in a play-in game, but this is not a playoff ready/caliber team, yet. Which is a major factor in them trading/moving on from Drummond. If they were a truly competitive team, then sure hold him n try n compete in the playoffs. Cavs have lost 4 of last 5, and they got lucky in a couple games against the Nets (who were still trying to mesh as a team and learn how to play defense). Now the Cavs have the clippers and 2 games vs bucks this week. Outlook = not good. They struggled against one of the sadd
  8. Rank ROS: J Allen C Boucher Keld Johnson whir
  9. Hang on to Allen. Better days ahead for him in Cle
  10. I wouldnt drop any of them. Ellington is red hot and lamb looks locked in for solid mins with levert/warren out indef. Maybe Horford? But he looked real good last night. Maybe lonzo?? Real team looks real solid rn
  11. Also, where would Ayton rank in there? Thanks
  12. I like the harden/saga side. That side seems like slighty less risk and more upside Help?
  13. Think I prefer garland/capela. If capela stays healthy he should put up similar numbers to Gobert, and I think garland just keeps getting better. Cavs seem set on developing him Help?
  14. Yahoo, 9cat, h2h. Help rank ros: Booker Gobert J Collins Are they close? Or is one well behind or head of the other? WHIR
  15. This dude has missed 13 straight 3s. Wtf. Ice cold.
  16. Much rather have Harden. Even if his usage takes a hit he'll still avg 20/10/5 with solid %s, bunch of 3s and some steals, which all seems like a floor for him. Once Nets all get really comfy playing w eachother I'd expect harden to start dropping more points and still be at top of league in assists. Also, I'm sure Harden will take basically no rest days, whereas durant will need some, and kyrie will prob take another hiatus to lead a rebellion. So when either of the other two stars don't play Harden will put up huge numbers. You would just think Harden is super motivated to wi
  17. I think the Harris/brown side is waayyy better. If harden was still the best fantasy player then itd be closer, but to get two allstar-like top 25-30 players for one borderline top 10 seems like a steal. With harris/brown side it looks like big improvement in every Cat except assists, so if that can be afforded. I guess TOs and FT% would be close too.
  18. I just dropped him this morning. Didnt really want to, but kinda had to. I like him as a player but hes 4th or 5th option on the team, and 3rd or 4th option on 1st unit. If he was in 2nd unit maybe he'd be getting more looks and scoring more, etc. I'm sure if Lebron ever sits he'll prob have a huge game. Or maybe as the season progresses and the lakers establish themselves more at the top of the west lebron will start taking some games off and then Schroder will shine
  19. What about trading booker for collins?
  20. Lol what? Like, last season?? Have you watched a Lakers game recently? I'm sure Embiid is going to destroy Gasol when they play next week. No match. Gasol is really nothing more than a large, veteran presence that will fall into a few blocks here n there. Aldridge scoring 20+ on him isnt that impressive. TBH, Aldridge and Gasol are pretty similar at this late stage of their careers: Slow. Not much post presence. Disappointing fg% and reb for big men. Couple 3s and some blocks. And solid ft%. Only real diff is Aldridge can get the occasional 20pt game. And yes, kanter is s
  21. True, but he didn't rebound well against either of them. And it's not like gasol and kanter are that good
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