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  1. Lol, Cle is def not playing for playoffs. MAYBE they magically find themselves in a play-in game, but even that seems unlikely. Cavs next four games are BKN, BKN, BOS, LAL. They're going to fall out of this thing pretty quick. That said, they're future seems bright. They have some nice pieces set up, and making the playoffs next season seems realistic. Right now, they're best option would be to trade Dummond as he they would likely get the most value for him, and Allen is a better fit with the team, ie PnR with sexton and garland.
  2. Haha, omg. Dead. Hilarious! Tbh, let's just keep him coming off the bench. Dont wanna mess up anything going rn. Keep the 30 mins, 20/10/3 coming. 6th moty
  3. I would say right now it's Washington, gordon, haliburton, bojan. Since you're punting blocks I guess gordon is top. But haliburton has most upside; just depends how consistent he can be and what the kings plan for him is.
  4. I knew this season would be a challenge, but this is becoming a disaster. Anyone know how theyll make up all these games?? Are they just gonna shorten the season more? Or are some teams gonna have 5-6 game weeks later in the season?
  5. Arent the Suns not playing cause of the Wizards..?
  6. I like markkanen...if I can deal w constant possibility of an injury
  7. Thanks guys. Bump for more thoughts
  8. Wood or mitchell. Probably wood. His numbers are gonna be insane once harden moves on
  9. I def worry about having 2 high usage guys on the same team, and I worry about paul scoring less and shooting less threes. But I could use some more assists and I assume Paul's steals will go up. I feel like they're both at risk to miss a similar amount of games. Tough call
  10. 6th man of the year?!?! (Assuming Raptors are contenders)
  11. Allen and ayton are closer than we think. But ayton definitely has more upside. So id go w the ayton side
  12. Was offered their Chris Paul for my Jamal Murray. 9-cat, Yahoo I like Murrat, but I'm pretty solid in points and could use bump assists n steals. Thoughts? WHIR Edit: I also have Booker, so idk if that helps or hurts my situation
  13. MPJ has only been annoying to own for a year, maybe two. Kyrie has carried on this bs for basically a decade now. He is often a superstar w the ball in his hands, but is the epitome of volatile, and a headache waiting to happen. The dude has been in the league 10 seasons and hes only played more than 70 games three times. And you never kno if hes actually missing games from injury, strategy, or if hes just upset about something. The dude is just a conspiracy theorist lunatic, that happens to be amazing at basketball. His body wants him to ball out, but his mind wants him to live in a comm
  14. Super Bowl win & 35-percent playing time: $750,000. 45 catches and playoff berth: $250,000. 650 yards and playoff berth: $250,000. Six touchdowns and playoff berth: $250,000. Per-game roster bonus: $31,250 ($250,000 max) Cant believe he got the receptions bonus with today's performance. Thought he had no chance.
  15. Right now garland is by far the higher ranked player. And my team is slacking a bit in 3s and FT%, so the outlook on this helping me doesnt seem great. Just dont want to miss on a great buy low/sell high opp.
  16. I was offered Zion for my Garland. 9cat, Yahoo Seems like a decent buy low, sell high situation, but maybe garland is for real? He was the 5th overall pick and looks good out there. Also zion doesn't seem great for cat leagues. Thoughts? WHIR
  17. Nah bruh, that was solid win over a good Raptors team. But also, 6th or 7th seed is generous. Spurs will be lucky to make the playoffs in loaded west. Still think they're a really good, competitive team tho, as was evident last night.
  18. 1. Diggs 2. Hill 3. Hill Edit: gage, higgins, and cooper are all very solid plays if you're truly concerned with hill
  19. Start hill, higgins, and allen (assuming he plays) otherwise start moss over allen
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