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  1. 1. Diggs 2. Hill 3. Hill Edit: gage, higgins, and cooper are all very solid plays if you're truly concerned with hill
  2. Start hill, higgins, and allen (assuming he plays) otherwise start moss over allen
  3. Sounds crazy but Metcalf hasn't been putting up the monster numbers past few weeks, and wilson hasn't looked amazing either. And now they face Ramsey/rams dst, which didnt go too well last time. Theres also some rain around Sea today. Boyd wont be playing, so that's more targets for Higgins, in a game that cincy will need to pass a lot, and indoors vs a subpar defense. Maybe I'm over thinking it, but I'm playing against Kamara and need a bit of a miracle. This doesn't seem unreasonable. Thoughts?
  4. Lol no body wants Griffin either. He shouldn't be mentioned.
  5. Higgins. Not totally trusting titans passing in cold lambeau game. Cincy gonna need to pass to stay in it. Help?
  6. Lockett and higgins. Maybe gage over one of them if your really leaning him. Help?
  7. Cant decide, Pick 1: HOU vs Cin KC vs Atl LAC vs Den CAR vs Was GB vs Ten (this one seems like real long shot, but figure cold weather, maybe Tannehil/titans play sloppy) *Also both rams and seahawks are available or both cowboys and eagles are also available* The guy I'm playing had kamara, but I'm somehow still magically in it. I need a real gem of a streaming DST to help pull this out.. WHIR
  8. I worry this guy is gonna get hurt trying to carry the team too much. Hes far and away the top option on offense and theres gonna be too much burden on him to score and make plays happen. Hes shown himself vulnerable to injury the past few years and is only getting older, and hes not exactly the biggest strongest guy out there, so him trying to make too much happen too often might make him more susceptible to another injury. I hope it's not the case, just something I noticed watching him trying to make plays happen these first couple games. I dont think Draymond is the answer. They n
  9. 15 TOs through 2 games is ludacris. I was not expecting that. Especially w paul on his team handling the ball more. I thought I was drafting someone that would turn the ball over less
  10. Dude, if they dont use their best players properly they wont win enough, and wont get a decent playoff seed. After the lakers and clips the west is wide open, you don't wanna be the 7 or 8 seed and face either of them 1st rnd. They need a 6th seed or better if they want a chance at a playoff run, and murray is crucial to making sure this happens. Theres only 72 games this year, so each game is a little bit more important. I'm sure they might rest Murray for a few games, but full on load management seems unlikely. Hes 23, not 33. I dont expect him to put up his bubble numbers or for malone
  11. Hope this doesn't keep up. Didnt think he was a big turnover guy.
  12. Yea, it's highly unlikely that a team that talented doesnt make the playoffs. But they still needa play better, and win. Which should mean more usage for Murray
  13. Feels good. Maybe I'm overrating Spurs a bit, but I like the way they play. Good mix of vets and young studs. Playing fast. And still got White comin back. Raptors are a very good, talented team and the spurs handled them. That game was fun tonight.
  14. Ok, that's fair. But who cares if hes starting? As long as hes gettin good minutes.
  15. Lol boucher hater ova here. I watched the game, twas a great game. Spurs are damn good. That loss had nothing to do with boucher. Tbh, he can chase blocks all he wants, he looks great doing. Also looks great draining threes and pulling down boards. If he does just half (or even less than half) of these numbers on nightly basis Nurse will give him his minutes, and fantasy managers will be happy.
  16. Lol what? Are we watching the same games? 22 and 9, 5 swats, bangs 3s, shoots high %. He does everything and looks amazing. Lol while I'm writing this they just named him player of the game Haha Edit: 6 blocks now!! Keep em comin big boiii
  17. Well, like I said, they're 0-2, and kinda look like a fringe playoff team rn. Hopefully they realize they need Murray to ball out often if they want any shot at a deep playoff run again. Otherwise, if they go '90%', they're gonna wind up in bottom part of playoffs and knocked out early. Theres just too many good teams out west. Only the lakers and clips are true playoff locks, nearly every other team is a 'fringe' playoff team.
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