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  1. If Texans were home vs Chi it wouldnt be scary. But in Chi, that could be tough. Depends on weather that day, I'm assuming it will be cold. Prob more worried about game in Chi than either Indy game. Chi hasn't given up more than 26 pts in any game this year, Indy has given up more than 26 pts 4 times.
  2. Watch fulgham go off Vs that seahawks swiss cheez this wknd. Not saying it will happen, just possible. I have fulgham and have no idea what do w him.
  3. Leaning fulgham and parker. But AB is very enticing. Maybe lamb
  4. Robinson. If you're really scared of Pitt then davis has nice matchup.
  5. PPR, Pick 2 for this week: Fournett vs LAR AB vs LAR Parker @Den Fulgham @Cle Lamb @Min whir
  6. Dont do it since its keeper(or even non keeper). Thomas is prob gonna blow up when he gets going, which in turn means kamara numbers prob go down. Metcalf will be be top 3 elite for many years. Thomas still young too, could have 2 top3 WRs there. RBs are a dime a dozen. Yea, kamara is great this year, but how long does he keep this up? Mclaurin and golladay(when healthy) are nice, but not in metcalf/thomas league. Just my opinion here. Its decent trade on both sides. But lean more thomas/metcalf side
  7. So I guess theres gonna be a hurricado in Cleveland tmrw. Everyone seems scared to use Watson. Rank these QBs please: Watson @Cle (maybe supps rushing for passing) Carr vs Den (fairly consistent, ez matchup, home) Herbert @Mia (facing tough Def?) Tua vs LAC (missing a WR, home, might need to pass a bunch?) WHIR
  8. I think it could be profitable but I wouldnt feel great about it. JRob has been so reliable this year. But at the same time it is possible he fizzles out as the year moves on. These true Cinderella stories are few and far between lol. Honestly I think I'd try offering Zeke instead, or maybe gibson. I just have no faith in cowboys offense moving forward. But overall I think the original offer is fair. CMC is obv a league winner type when healthy.
  9. Wow, tough. This like half the WR4 tier here. I guess Shepard > aiyuk > samuel > lazard > reagor. This can be completely shuffled and flipped after this week tho. Shepard and aiyuk are essentially top options are their teams but have questionable QB play. Lazard and reagor have good QB play but their role in offense is kinda TBD. Samuel seems like he can be frustrating but cant deny is numbers as of late.
  10. I love the waller/brown side, but this is just not a deal you need to make. If you didnt have great WRs then I would say do this right away. Love brown but you just don't really need him. Waller might be 2nd best TE but still big drop off from Kelce. What's their RB situation? Maybe get a stud RB instead of brown?
  11. PPR, Pick 1: McKissic @Det Antonio Brown @Car D Henderson vs Sea Dobbins @NE WHIR
  12. There will be no need for diontae blowup this game. Ebron will score first, then connor will take over and add couple TDs, and maybe they get a FG or two. 27-6 final [...] Edit: maybe replace one connor TD with a Def TD. This game is a joke
  13. Brown. I think he'll play well but he is the riskiest if those options. Help?
  14. Blindly I'd prob go Ryan, prob be in more shootouts and weaker division, better WRs. But I'd also check who has easier sched. Maybe help?
  15. I would do that for sure. Allen is every week top 10. Claypool is top 36? You got some other nice keeper possibilities. Jump on that. Help?
  16. Like moss a lot, would pick him up best way you can. But you can count on cook getting hurt again so mattison is good insurance Help?
  17. Definitely no. Bucs gettin brown and Evans is for sure dinged up. Youd regret when sanders is crushing in a couple weeks Help?
  18. PPR, Pick 2 for my TE and FLEX spots: Dobbins @ ind Andrews @ ind Fant @ atl Hurst vs den Leaning Hurst/Fant rn. Hurst(ridley maybe out) and Fant should see targets in potential shootout. Dobbins and Andrews are best to me, but very volitale and vs good def. What you guys think? WHIR
  19. I'd bench either green or brown. Prob Brown cuz tougher matchup Help?
  20. I'm waiting on Tua. I think some are a bit too high on him; maybe cuz burrow and herbert are doing well? I have Tua and I'm tempering expectations, especially this week, in his 1st start vs Rams def. You're very solid at QB, I'd hold onto a talent like moore. Help?
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