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  1. Gordon isnt coming back. Top 3 in PPR? Does Rivers leaving a Positive or Negative?
  2. Brady, Tom NEP QB399.411Trade Carr, Derek OAK QB280.47Trade Abdullah, Ameer DET RB114.56Trade Carey, Ka'Deem FA RB (Q)--Trade Crowell, Isaiah NYJ RB144.211Trade Ivory, Chris BUF RB85.811Trade Kelley, Rob WAS RB (Q)43.24Trade Sims, Charles FA RB72.8-Trade Williams, Joe SFO RB-11Trade Baldwin, Doug SEA WR203.17Trade Boyd, Tyler CIN WR36.49Trade Coleman, Corey CLE WR62.711Trade Doctson, Josh WAS WR113.54Trade Golladay, Kenny DET WR78.66Trade Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR (Q)194.19Trade Matthews, Jordan NEP WR (Q)57.211Trade
  3. The addition of Ozuna... The Tampa rumor. If it happens will be huge.
  4. Hopkins lit up the Ravens with a junk QB. However, Im sitting Jones this week. I think this game is low scoring and the Ravens rebound. jones isnt hopkins
  5. Im going Mariota. Ben sucks on the road. Look at his last 2 years worth of Road stats. Keenum?? I dont believe he goes into Atl and outscores Mariota. I got to think Mariota is going to get going at some point.
  6. I would go Rivers.. Hes been hot. Philly defense isnt a joke
  7. Full PPR Roster is Dak Carlos hyde Kareem Hunt Joe Mixon DeAndre Hopkins Corey Davis Josh Gordon Travis Kelce Ive got DeAndre as my Only Lock here and need to declare tomorrow. Kelce is a elite TE which is rare. Im leaning that way for another but really up in the air.
  8. Christian McCaffrey/Amari Cooper Evan Engram/Tyreke Hill Dynasty League
  9. Dynasty League 1 pt per Rec PPR Standard Yardage 1 pt per 10 yards Im out of the Playoffs I give Christian McCaffrey and DeAndre Hopkins to a playoff Team I get Jamaal Williams and OBJ and a top 2 Rookie pick in this years draft
  10. He was drafted in 2017... The supposed DV happened in 2016. No part of the shirt issue was considered in the punishment. He new the girl. They were partying. She didnt seem to upset by it either. NO HE SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT... But it wasnt a factor in the suspension.
  11. He pulled down a shirt?? Doesnt mean he beat up a woman.. However, lets say he did hit a woman... Where does the NFL have anything to say about it?? He wasnt a league employee at the time, he wasnt charged. So like I said is Joe Mixon next?
  12. Im sorry but I dont see this standing in any form. He will drag this out in court for awhile as well. Im also so sick and tired of hearing Goodell name. A commish isnt supposed to the headline. If Zeke did something wrong then he should be punished. But here is some of the issues I have. When he supposedly did this he wasnt even a employee of the NFL... If Goodell can go after players for things they did before they were even in the league we have a serious problem. Is Joe Mixon next? How about Gronks antics every offseason and season? Zeke was NEVER charged. Numerous witnesses stating that th
  13. Irving to the Spurs would be awesome. I would have said Irving to MN would be the greatest but they made the Teague move. Irving, Butler, Wiggins, TOwns and Taj would be sick.
  14. Thats Cards trade is the DUMBEST thing Ive ever read and WOULDNT EVER HAPPEN IN THIS LIFETIME... MY GOD.
  15. Overarching validation?? If Im accused of DV and the woman has NO PROOF, NO witnesses, no police or hospital records. Ive had no charges pressed or filed, all charges have been dropped? Its all hearsay. If I get fired from or suspended from my job due to allegations? You damn sure Im getting a nice lawyer and walking away with some cash. The NFL is a employer and they are NOT above the everyday laws of country.
  16. I do believe if they suspend him this will be unprecedented in the league. A player accused of assault before he was drafted. No criminal charges and no evidence found to support the charges. Everything dropped. The league suspends said player for 1-2 games.. That has lawsuit ALL OVER IT.. You know Jerry wont sit on his hands on that one. I mean then why dont they suspend Mixon? Or Cook for his issues?
  17. Murray isnt going to do much here. They didnt draft Cook that high to do a 50-40-10 split between Cook/Murray/McKinnon. Now Im not saying Cook is going to get 300 carries but 200-220 carries. 30-40 receptions. 1300-1400 all purpose and 6-7TDs. JMO... But Cook is the most talented guy in MN and you get that guy the ball. I see Murray as the TD vulture in the like to Tiki/Jacobs and McKinnon spelling on some 3rd downs.
  18. I would be SHOCKED if he gets anything. The Ohio Police did a extensive investigation. Interviewed numerous witnesses and they supported ZEKE. No hospital records NOTHING. The NFL is getting out of hand with its self policing. You are going see some major LAWSUITS soon from players. I expect ZEKE to sue the league if he is suspended. I dont believe the NFL does a better investigation then Police departments. Josh Brown kicks the s--- out of his wife repeatedly and gets 1 game? Im tired of Goodell and his "Im the most powerful man and can do anything I want" approach. Zeke will sue Im almost 10
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