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  1. It’s hard to tell without knowing your roster but 2 has more value
  2. Woods and Juju. RB is a coin flip, I think I’d go Fournette but it’s close
  3. I don’t think Gio will play. I’d go Montgomery and Taylor. I just can’t trust Duke at this point regardless of the matchup.
  4. I think Claypool and Cooper are must starts. I’d go Parker. He has the better matchup.
  5. I’d agree it’s Goff. His playoff matchup is amazing!
  6. If Eckeler and Mostert are back, I’d start them and Hunt. help me!
  7. My Duke Johnson, Christian Kirk and Austin Hooper for his Robbie Anderson and Frank Gore PPR 12 team qb: Murray (Goff, Tannehill) RB: Robinson, Zeke (Duke) WR: Ridley, Tee Higgins, Chark (Kirk, Lazard, Jeudy TE: Kelce (Hooper) flex: Eckeler I’m unlikely to start Duke this week and Johnson should return soon. Hooper is obviously the backup and Kirk is a matchup based WR3. Robbie’s production has been bad but I think he’d be an upgrade over Kirk. any thoughts?? LEAVE A LINK! WHIR 100%
  8. Agreed! In ppr his low is 10 and he’s averaging 16 a game (since week 3). He’s also had 7 or more targets in all but one game! 16 PPG in PPR has him around WR20. I think he’s a solid WR2 ROS.
  9. I think he’s almost droppable at this point. Every week they get an injury and random backs jump ahead of him. 2 weeks ago it was Pope, this week it was Ballage. He’s maybe a ppr RB3 if Jackson and Pope are hurt.
  10. Thanks for your help! My initial instinct is Stafford but he had a great matchup last week and was awful. Brady is getting his weapons healthy and is in Prime Time. So I’d go Brady
  11. Stafford is probably the best start this week. I’d add Tannehill 10 minutes ago! He’s been on fire! He’s a borderline top 7 QB ROS. I’d also pickup Cam if you have roster space to roster 2..
  12. Thanks for your help on mine! At first glance I’d say no. Is it a PPR? How many do you need to start?
  13. The Jets are a dumpster fire but he has a clearer path for touches. Hasty could be the 4th option in a few weeks. I’d go with Perine.
  14. I think it depends on your roster and your record. At first glance I think it’s pretty even. I’d assume which ever side is getting Eckeler can afford to wait on him to get healthy. I can’t give a definitive answer without more information.
  15. Eagles fan... I’d go Wentz. His rushing is what makes the difference. Jackson and Jeffrey will likely be back by then. Possibly Reagor and Goedert. With the emergence of Fulgham, his weapons are actually solid. Teddy is obviously a solid play too vs Atlanta.
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