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  1. Thanks for the help. I'd definitely do this trade. No question whatsoever.
  2. I'd go with Ben vs Jax, which is the better matchup. I think Watson is playing Pats. need a little help
  3. Thanks for the help. I'd get Sanders. Conner is ok and Brown is one of many mouths to feed. Plus the nfl is looking into a past AB incident.
  4. I'd stick with Conner and Chark. Taylor is not someone to trust...I traded him away. need a little help.
  5. I like Miami D. They are looking good. IMO I'd drop Mattison. Good luck. need a little help.
  6. That's a tough one. If Ekeler was definitely coming back, then I'd do it. I like the way Higgins is trending and Ekeler is a beast when healthy. Conner is underated, and I do like him, but Chark is hard to predict. need a little help
  7. We have 16-team PPR $$ league. I'm 8-2 and other team is outside of playoffs looking in. We are considering a trade where I trade Chubb for his McCaffrey. If I make the trade, I assume I'll be without him until Week 14...if he comes back for week 12 (before week 13 bye), then that's a bonus. I love Chubb in Nov-Dec, but this is tough not to consider. Should I do it, or do you think it's a bad idea? (see my signature for my team) WHIR 100%
  8. Thanks for the help. IMO, I'd keep him so somebody won't pick him up in week 15 or 16 and tip the scales for a championship. I would almost drop Mattison for the week and then pick him up again, rather than drop Kittle. I could be overly cautious, but I would hate for Kittle to decide the league winner if you drop him.
  9. I'd take the Saints vs 49ers. They're whole team is picking up steam IMO. need a little help
  10. I'd get Kelce. He is a beast while most other TEs are terrible this year. As for trade 2, I'm a little more cautious. I'd try to get a one week stop gap RB on waivers before I'd trade Fuller for two backup RBs. I see that you're doing, and you can likely afford it, but I think you can almost get a starting high-end RB2 for Fuller. defintely need help
  11. Yeah, I'd stick with what you have even though Golladay's health is still murky. I think Lamar is reverting this year and Allen is still getting points. need a little help.
  12. Thanks for the help. What's your lineup like? What other players are availbe in your league? Mine is a deep league, so players on waivers are likely different than yours. If you need a one week RB start, then I'd pick him up. I don't think he'll be starting too many games, unless we find out that McCaffery is out longer.
  13. If you can deal with deebo possibly not playing in week 10, then I'd go for it. I like Andrews recovering from lack of points lately. need a little help.
  14. Go for Metcalf. He is a top WR who could win you a championship. Hockenson and Goodwin are good, but Metcalf is a big upgrade. need help
  15. I think Alex Smith is an upgrade. McLaurin is too good to not get passes. Go for the trade. Jacobi won't likley produce like that regularly, so this could be the time to sell on him. need a little help.
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