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  1. CBS projections are horrible. They also have C.Mullins outscoring Grisham in points leagues, among many other questionable things. I do think Mancini has a good year though, and I'll definitely be rooting for him.
  2. I'm a big fan of rotowire too. If you download their $8 app(iOS only) you get all/most of the content included. Their prospect and dynasty rankings are pretty good.
  3. Two from the last draft that I think are bit under the radar are: Petey Halpin OF CLE- Very similar profile to Pete Crow-Armstrong, but you can have him for free. If the power develops, could be very good. Jeff Criswell SP OAK- Another one that you can probably get for free. Can't remember the site, but their guy that covers the Big 10 said he's got ace upside. With SP this deep all I'm looking for is wild upside. In a good org for developing SP's too. And one more just cause I got him, Ryan Pepiot SP LAD. Looked pretty good in a split squad game vs LAD starters(struck
  4. Fangraphs also has projections that you can customize to your settings, as well as rotowire. Fangraphs is free though, rotowire is not.
  5. Not disagreeing, but what makes you think he's more likely to close than the others?
  6. Just going off memory but I think ZIPS had him for 20/15 270ish avg and 350ish obp. Doubt he does that, but well worth the money he's getting if he does close to that at 2B. ADP is 185 currently, going after Solak and before Madrigal which isn't a horrible spot if does play 2B. Edit: RR has him batting 8th and looks like a tough task to move much higher given their lineup. Although 8th in that lineup is better than most 8 spots.
  7. I should probably clarify that most of the leagues I'm in don't have many appealing streamers on waivers at any point during the year. We really don't even need acquisition limits because good luck finding gold in that pile of garbage. I'm sure there's flaws to IP, but compared to W or QS it seems like a good alternative. We may be talking about very different types of leagues too. I have no desire to play in leagues where streaming is prevalent, and my main leagues are weekly lineups to further prevent that.
  8. Maxing out the IP is easy, sure, but it's not so easy to have good ERA/WHIP to go along with it. As stated above, if paired with roster/acquisition limits, IP is the way to go.
  9. 2020 wasn't what I was hoping for from the Athletics OF in his 25 year old season. Luckily nothing looks overly worrisome from his numbers. Exit velo and LA were down a tiny bit, but again nothing alarming especially in a little over a third of a regular season. If anything, I think he may be a good target in keeper/dynasty leagues. His plate discipline looks excellent in comparison to his previous two years. He may have been a bit passive as his swing %'s were down across the board, but that also returned a 4% decrease in swinging strikes and almost doubled 2019's BB%. Considering
  10. Arozarena at 40 is very aggressive, even if you love him I'd think that's at least a couple rounds too early.
  11. This is how all leagues should handle it in my opinion, and pretty simple logic to get there.
  12. I've always found NL baseball to be more entertaining to watch. I have a hard time watching the constant NYY-BOS games they put on Sunday night baseball, as the strategical part of baseball seems more watered down in the AL. Unfortunately it seems the NL is slowly trending in that direction as well over the last few years, but I'd much rather watch a lower scoring game where runs are "manufactured" over a HR derby, and lower scoring games seem to be more common in pre-DH NL games. I don't personally have anything against the DH from a baseball purist perspective, as I think guys like Ortiz and
  13. He's kind of interesting for next year in deeper leagues. He's not likely to be a big strikeout guy, but an 8 K/9 isn't going to make him useless for fantasy purposes. He had three positive value pitches this year according to fangraphs. The fastball has been the pitch that's held him back in the past(and was horrible last year), but it returned a positive 2.5 this year and being it's around 93mph from the left side at an unusual arm angle it could legitimately be a decent pitch. Pair that with his 2.5 value slider and a 3.8 valued changeup(16th best this year for guys over 40IP) and there ma
  14. Still think Urias deserves to be in the top 30, but maybe it's just blind faith that there's another level he's so close to hitting. His baseballsavant page is all red other than K's/whiffs. Alcantara, Plesac, and Civale knocking on the door as well. There's going to be so many pitchers to go after in the late rounds next year. Crazy that Marco Gonzales' FB graded out as the best in the league while averaging under 90mph.
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