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  1. He's thrown more change ups than sliders tonight too. If he has a third pitch, especially if it's equal to his second, then this is fully legit.
  2. So what if he did, is there service time requirements to celebrate a HR? Dude's earned it, we all know it could disappear quickly. Not directed at you specifically.
  3. Well that sucks, just immediately asked to be pulled after an apparent injury. Purely guessing here, but looked like a muscle of some sort but no idea if upper or lower body.
  4. Is Cueto back? Looking good again vs one of the top offenses in the league currently. As usual, lots of different pitches coming from lots of different deliveries.
  5. To be fair his avg is the cause of all of those numbers being low. A pathetic start for sure, but he's still taking walks and there's no way to have a good OBP with a .125 avg(same with OPS/SLG). It's so early that if he hits .500ish over his next four games, he's back at his usual avg and the other numbers follow suit. I'm hoping he just listened too much to the talk that he wasn't swinging enough, as his swing% on stuff outside the zone is almost double where he usually sits. My only real concern is @ST. STEVEN's comment about him struggling against velocity, but I'm betting on his elite eye
  6. If I knew how to meme, you'd be in trouble.
  7. I'm still not sure I believe my eyes but I think I saw a scrolling leader board that said he leads the league with 20 balls hit over 95mph. Is that possible less than two weeks in?
  8. If Greg Bird is the threat to his playing time, he's got some time to work out the kinks. Bird has played 173 games(including minors) in the last five years, and his time in the majors hasn't been great. The only real threat to his playing time is him playing poorly long enough for them to manipulate Vilade's service time, call him up, and then move Fuentes back to 1B. Even that requires Fuentes not losing his spot and Vilade forcing his way up.
  9. His lifetime track record isn't pretty either, in regards to striking out. His only "season" in his MLB career under 30% K's was his 41 game rookie year. If he can manage it, then there's peak J.Baez potential, but there's also AAA potential.
  10. If you wanted to try and create the absolute worst possible bench player you could, current Pujols might be it. Can't play any position other than 1B(even that is being generous), slow as Christmas, has been a below average hitter for almost half a decade, and makes 20M.
  11. 12 months ago who would've thought the Brewers would have two aces and scoring runs would be their biggest issue?
  12. Launch angle 2019- 6.5 2020- 4.6 2021- 20.5 GB/FB 2019- 1.50 2020- 1.96 2021- 0.71 Line drive%, ground ball%, flyball% all looking equally encouraging. If he stays anywhere remotely close to those numbers and stays healthy, an MVP season is happening.
  13. Most people saying this I would call ridiculous, but you're no slouch in your analysis. Something I'll be watching for sure now, was not aware of this. I'd think adjusting to high velo would be one of the easier things to do though, right? Less worrisome than say someone who flails away at breaking balls.
  14. Still thinking Wendelken slides in the back door in Oakland.
  15. He also had a great season in 2020, and a nice start today. Not quite his time yet.
  16. I think poor Rougy is done. .200 or below the last two years, and continued it in ST. He'll always have one of the more memorable moments as a Ranger though.
  17. Are we a Trivino blow up away from Wendelken entering the conversation?
  18. Naquin with a first pitch homer. His fourth on the year with 3 walks and 3 K's in 15 AB's.
  19. Watched most of the game and the FB/SL combo was nasty and located well for the most part. Walks have always been an issue and almost bit him around the 4th inning I think it was. The only criticism is that the FB and SL were all that he had. Maybe it was because that's all he needed vs that SEA lineup, but he may have issues against better lineups unless his change is at least decent. He's used his changeup around 10-15% in the past and it wasn't a bad pitch, so if it looks good in his next start then health is all he needs to be a gem this year.
  20. For leagues where even most 7th inning guys are owned, I'm trying to figure out who the darkhorse is in Seattle. Middleton looks to have pitched late in games as well as Casey Sadler. Not the greatest team for saves, and Montero may just hold it all year but it seems to be a job that might be available with no sexy names to grab, so they're available. Sadler had a 9:1 K:B in 4.2 innings in spring and struck out two in his first inning this year in which he allowed no baserunners. Seems like every year there's a 30 year old RP or two that figure something out and take a big step fo
  21. I wouldn't write him off so quickly, 26 years old. Hitting leadoff, made a huge offseason change(ditched switch hitting), and was getting a lot of hype just a couple years ago. Things definitely went south for him the last couple years, but last year he started to turn things around. Hitting leadoff in Baltimore, could hit for a decent avg, takes some walks, has good speed, and some power to go with it. I could see something along the lines of the pace he was on at his first stop in AAA. 267/332/425 with 5HR/12SB in 59 games with 17 doubles and 3 triples. I think the SB will probably come down
  22. At the very least I think he gets a Ben Zobrist/Chris Taylor type role and gains tons of eligibility. If he keeps playing like he has since ST started, and for quite some time actually, he may force his way past some pretty weak competition at 2B.
  23. Anything to take from Biggio hitting 2nd, and Semien leading off? As a Biggio owner I'm hoping that means he's the two hole guy, and Semien is moving up from his usual spot once Springer returns.
  24. O'Neill and Jared Walsh seem like very similar profiles to me, but one is younger with SB potential, while the other is being drafted 150 spots earlier. Different positions but I don't see much of a difference other than Walsh had a hot 24 games to end 2020.
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