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  1. Start Chris Carson or Antonio Gibson? Start Mike Williams or Tyron Johnson or Jakobi Meyers? Championship decisions!!!
  2. I want to go with Bourbon Street... I really do. I have Dalvin Cook on my team, so I am having a hard time
  3. My OPPONENT this week has Josh Allen as his QB. I have both Tim Patrick and Gabriel Davis to choose from in rounding out my WR corps. Do I play Gabriel Davis instead of Tim Patrick, being that my opponent has the QB throwing passes to him and John Brown NOT playing this week? I have them both about the same in rankings. FYI - I also have Antonio Brown and was planning to start him. We play 3 WR. My other is Calvin Ridley. Anybody see a better strategy? Start Antonio Brown or don’t start him? Start both Patrick and Davis? Thank you!!!
  4. Williams or Pittman, Jr. this week? How about for Rest of Season?
  5. I need the 2 best WR out of: Marquise Brown Deebo Samuel Anthony Miller WHIR! Thanks!
  6. Glad I went with Henry this week! I need more than what O.J. did today. Thanks all! I went with my initial gut and am starting HH. Now throw him the damn ball old man Rivers!
  7. Man, this is a tough decision. Hunter should be a no-brainer, but they just haven’t used him last few weeks! O.J. Has been a colossal disappointment this year! And now, Championship. Wish this was easier! Ughhhhhhhh
  8. I’d probably go Edelman and Shepard if I had those choices. thx for mine
  9. O.J. or Hunter for the Championship? PLEASE HELP!
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