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  1. Jamaal, this is a great team. All you need to do is make sure you set your lineup every day. This team is better than mine in my 10 team leagues and I am a pretty good drafter. You could have more assists but you have plenty of everything here. If you have plenty of add/drops, it would be fine to stream at least 1 of your bench players. There is little special about Bazley (big disappointment) or Hachimura, and you will be dropping 1 of them soon when Tatum comes back. I have my eyes on Lamb and Jeff Green. Good news is there is no chance anyone is beating you in an H2H 14 team league.
  2. Go to Friday and see if Yahoo says there is an empty roster slot. If not, there is a problem. If so, go to players and your add should work without dropping anyone.
  3. Robinson is pretty much a 1-trick pony. If you need 3s, outside of Beard and Curry, you can't really do better and he wont hurt your percentages. Horford has slowed down a bit but will be a consistent source of everything else. As most replies go, and correctly so, it depends what you need.
  4. It fills a need but you lose too much value in order to get a hand full of rebounds. Why not work further down your roster and try to obtain someone like Jarrett Allen or Enes Kanter?
  5. I would take this deal. Sabonis has raised his game and his combination with Booker would improve any team. You can feel free add Bagley to the deal. You won't miss him.
  6. Simmons can add a lot of value for you with his great stocks, assists, and FG%, but the makeup of your team has to support his lack of 3P and poor FT%. SGA's game has the potential to be better with no real weaknesses.
  7. I am guessing that a block is worth 3 or 4 points and so Boucher is inflated like a balloon right now. Boucher is more valuable in a category league for his blocks and FG%. At best, he breaks out to a 15/8 with a couple of blocks. This probably is nothing great in your 10 team points league. Boucher is droppable. Keep Bazley. Go for the win.
  8. Middleton looks great this year. I am sorry I passed on him. If you can handle the drop in rebounds, grab him before the rest of the league finds out.
  9. You are giving up significant value. Over the course of a year, that's over 200 3s and 400 points. In addition to the obvious loss, Gordon shoots 70% from the line compared to Hield's excellent 85%. That will knock you down a few pegs in that cat. The gain in blocks and rebounds, and even a few assists wont make up for this. You are absolutely right about making a trade to get better position balance. My pet peeve is having an open roster slot with a healthy player on the bench. Sometimes when you are drafting, you don't always take the better player when you need a position to fill, but
  10. You are gaining in rebounds and assists. You are going to lose some 3s and you will lose significant FT%. The other cats are very close. So it comes down to what you need.
  11. Draymond is not who he used to be. His blocks have drastically declined and his FG% last year was in the toilet. I prefer Turner. I suppose there is a chance that Draymond regains his old form with Curry back, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  12. Here is my take. The overall value of each package is similar. Maybe he needs a PG and SGA is a great asset. You actually lose a few points and 3s. It seems as though you would lose assists BUT Bam makes a ton of assists and the combo with Hay makes this cat a wash. The other cats are all very close except for FG% where you win BIG. If you need help here, this is a good trade for you if you can handle the small loss in points and 3s. Sometimes trades work for both sides.
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