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  1. Anyone starting this cat in 2 qb leagues? [...] Haskins is playing a terrible pass defense and may have been humbled/coached up in the last 2 months....
  2. I think it's telling how even when the game was almost over and they wanted to run the clock out he kept going to Akers. This was his bellcow tryout and he knocked it outa the park, leading them to a big W, Mcvay happy with the performance rewared him with extra touches. Could be way off base but that's how I saw it.
  3. With a bye locked up I think Arizona is a good play vs Philly week 15, that's who I am targeting this week. With room on my IR gonna try to grab Kittle and toss him in IR and hope for some good news.
  4. This kid Micd up vs Cleveland.....he barely said a word on the field and let his football skills do the talking. Seems very humble and mature for a rookie. Might not be as electric as dalvin cook but he is good at EVERYTHING and we can only assume he will improve as he gets acclimated to the NFL.
  5. [...] Unless theres a drastic change in the landscape I'll be starting him weeks 15 and 16 with confidence. Smooth as a silky yam. I project a mid second round pick next year and I'll happily take him there.
  6. Theres been a narrative all season hes going to fall back to earth(competition for touches, game script, bad team, bad coaching) but he continues to produce. His floor games are not beautiful but enough to let me trust him in the bad matchups until he proves me wrong.
  7. Wilson in a slump, Lockett banged up, they want to control the clock against Murray. I feel like on paper this is a really nice matchup for Hyde. Benching Gio for him.
  8. What sounds like that? Everything I read it sounds like hes coming back barring a setback
  9. [...] He is having touchdown regression hes already had as many as last year in 5 games.... Anyway don't need to get into it with you, I'm just saying he's doing pretty well for where we all drafted him. Good luck! I owned Amari his second year. Yes it was awful but hea a new cat on dallas. Defnitely would've taken over woods. Lockett I would've defnitely taken over Woods, not sure about Metcalf at the time. I like woods more than Kupp value, so if they wre drafted exact same spot maybe I would go Kupp but he went earlier. Yeah Haskins is garbage but F1 is elite,
  10. Every dude that you mentioned went earlier than him in my league lol.
  11. His contract is 3 or 4 years and we're 4 games into it. There's a lot of minutia we dont know about(team chemistry, how he shows up at practice, etc.). I think you're being a tad impatient,with fantasy blinders on.
  12. Personally I don't understand the negativity. Ok he hasnt dropped 100/2 yet but I drafted him late, hes getting targets, a few yards and touchdowns. I'm perfectly. Happy keeping him in there for a 5 point floor from my tight end. They are getting him involved and atl does have a good offense. I missed Engram, so went for Hurst I'm happy it worked out that way.
  13. Is He more of a long term play or is the upside there to start him as a WR3 play? Every wr3 is a gamble anyway, does anyone feel like rolling the dice against the jags, smart or is it chasing points?
  14. Hopefully Gruden starts to trust him in the 2 minute drill. He could've easily had 4 more catches for 30 yards if he was playing over CT, and no reason he cant do as well or better. Excited to see what he can do in a really good matchup on paper. Might not ge as electric as Dalvin Cook busting off 75 yard runs, but he's been as much fun to watch as anyone else on my team this year.
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