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  1. I won't watch it. hoping for 2 weeks. expecting a month by what people are saying 😔
  2. worth the 25 faab dollars I bid this morning to get him.. no one else bid on him but I'll take it ☺️
  3. another 4 3's at the half for the duke 3llington. what a pickup.
  4. people calling keldon johnson the pickup of the year...wayne "the duke" 3llington took that personally
  5. does him being dropped by team america mean anything? on the surface it doesn't look good. what am i missing?
  6. with all the minutes and shots he wants i think he's back to late first round this year...since he was a late bloomer i feel like age won't be an issue quite yet. plus you know he'll put in the work. id easily take him at the turn and will be targeting him in my auction leagues.
  7. Jarrett Allen (illness) is questionable for Friday's game vs. the Wizards. what tf is going on? usually guys get over an illness within a day or 2
  8. What happened tonight . The lack of minutes worrying anyone?
  9. had my draft yesterday. espn auction 12 team 9 cat h2h. my goal was to get steph to pair with jokic but got into a bidding war with someone from they bay area so i knew he'd price me out so got kawhi instead. i also traded sexton for lonzo right after the draft (guy is very experienced. autodrafted too many pgs and said he was high on sexton and low on ball so i took it and ran) which pretty much saved me in assists. saw boxscores from jokic last year and was blown away and definitely have been targeting him this year in all my mocks. have another 10 team yahoo 9 cat h2h tonight and will see
  10. Just got him for my offer of Jimmy Butler straight up. Hoping his stats+minutes go up but would be thrilled if he can maintain his numbers so far
  11. exactly. it may or may not pay off but name value aside I have more faith that capela can maintain close to what he's doing now versus butler getting closer to his chicago numbers as the number 1 option while he's looking like the number 3 option in Minnesota.
  12. what? is it that hard to believe that capela can't maintain close to what he's doing? ranked top 20 on bbm. you guys are saying butler won't come close to last year with the wolves winning with him being the 3rd-5th option.. it's not inconceivable that capela finishes higher than thim.
  13. i sent out a bunch of offers trying to unload him and someone accepted so I got capella for him straight up. he'll probably get better but I'm whatever on him now. he won't come close to the value that we drafted him at so I'm just gonna look forward. good luck to those who still have him.
  14. ugh only 20 minutes tonight.. i guess jeff green got hot and stole the minutes? no sort of stocks, 3s how long are you guys going to hold?
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