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  1. also dont play dynasty that much, and it is a much different trade dynamic. but not in love with the trade. i don't think engram has too much upside given his injury history and juju will only go as far as ben takes him. and ben is close to retiring.
  2. i wouldnt do it... ur rb depth isnt great so u should prob keep ingram since rb is a scarcity. kelce>>>kittle imo. kittle is banged up and i think will keep being banged up.
  3. brown i guess, hines not far behind though. dhendo is definitely the elite back in that rams backfield and they are gonna try to work in akers throughout season. but yeah for now malcolm will keep being involved
  4. davis and definitely robby. dont get all this djax in this room. robby has been doing way more the first w weeks and could be a league winner if he keeps it up.
  5. yeah i would go for it too. and yea kick him out immediately. ive created amazing leagues by removing lazy coaches like your guy year by year till you end up with a crop thats all fully in fantasy.
  6. mixon and brady. i think when chicago is trying to catch up to atl, you'll see more cohen than u have the past 2 games where chicago won.
  7. if its phillip lindsay i would go with him since as you said, rbs are scarce and they rotated him and melvin pretty evenly when they were both in.
  8. i think u should take kupp. kupp did better last year, has a more established qb, more of a redzone threat, better team. help with mine?
  9. accept it for sure. fournette could jus end back up in a timeshare.
  10. Give Newton/Waller/David Johnson to get MThomas or Hill/Cook? My team in 14 team non-ppr: QB Newton WR: Golladay WR: Cooper RB: David Johnson RB: Fournette TE: Ertz FLEX: Metcalf Bench: Tannehill Bench: Waller Bench: Rojo Bench: Gaskin Bench: DJ Henderson Bench: Gallup Should I do the trade?? Obv I would have a surplus of WRs with only being able to start 3 out of MT/Hill, Golladay, Cooper, and DK. So I would probably need to move one of these WRs (trading is not the easiest in my league) to get full valu
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