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  1. If john stockton malone Barkley and pippen all played on the same team vs Jordan he'd never get any accolades.
  2. Anyone worried Kawhi will be like Marion after he left the suns?
  3. If anyone wants to do a free real league draft for fun, join http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/waitingroom?leagueId=16796057
  4. Im drafting zubac with my last pick in all my leagues.
  5. Played 4 leagues this year, 2 roto 2 h2h. 1 League missed playoffs by .5 game. 1 League lead all through year to lose 3 starters in 2nd round. then lose consolation by 1 steal for 4th. Going to get 4th a roto league by 1 point with less than .01fg% 2 blocks and 10 threes vs 2 teams ahead of me. Lost conley in that league and butler/vucivic for chunks of the year. Terrible.
  6. Here's an idea why not have H2h the first 20 weeks of the season then roto rest of the year for playoffs. Where the first place team gets a 2pt advantage and the second place team gets a 1 pt advantage. Then the top 6 teams and the bottom 6 teams play each other That way 1) the season isn't boring for the first 20 weeks 2) roto isn't hugely impacted by rest (in comparison to H2H) 3) Longer season 4) There is an advantage for having a winning record but not game breaking 5) Balanced teams matter more (like in real life) Just a thought.
  7. Harrison Barnes is because the higher the current rank vs ADP the more valuable the player is. Harrison Barnes was the opposite of value.
  8. This guy is nothing like Julius Randle...
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