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  1. Tucker is leaving for sure. Won’t be playing again for the Rickets. KMJ probably played more as it was a blowout.
  2. Someone dropped him in our league after Rose got traded. Placed a waiver claim for him and it processed this morning. Looking forward to the ride!
  3. He's been a big part of Silas' scheme since the beginning of the season and even when Harden came back to get minutes. His defense and tenacity has been pretty firm with the coaching staff.
  4. Haha, and now go see the first two replies to the thread.
  5. Tonight 32min, 6-12 FG, 1-2 FT, 5 rebounds, 10 assists, 2 blocks and 2 TO at the end of the game. Looking strong going forward on the Rockets sans Harden? No Wall, Oladipo or Gordon tonight but he plays legit defense!
  6. Just picked him up in a 2QB league. There's been plenty of positive talk coming out of Washington, even with Alex Smith back and them trading in Kyle Allen. https://247sports.com/Article/Dwayne-Haskins-Washington-Football-Team-quarterback-competition-clearcut-starter-Kyle-Allen-Alex-Smith-150838337/ Mid-tier QB2 with massive scope for improvement.
  7. Take it and run. Redraft and AD's known output the rest of the season is limited.
  8. Yep, seems like a no brainer. Isaac's upside and play over the last month is huge.
  9. This one is super hard. I would almost be inclined to do this for two reasons - a) Millsap's output this season is much lower than expected b) Leonard will be rested some games so you would rather take a score over zero Doncic has upside and McCollum has been solid during Portland's recent run.
  10. WCS... Bagley is playing more of the small ball centre minutes with Barnes coming on board so that's eating into WCS minutes. Portis has high upside in Washington.
  11. Leaning OPJ side if you're punting assists. Help?
  12. I would keep Love and trade him when he has higher output, rather than coming back for injury. Covington is good but you could do better in the longer term. Help?
  13. I am in a 10 team, H2h, 9 cat, dynasty league. We get to keep 6 to 8 players. I'm currently sitting 4th in the league. Would it be worthwhile trading for either of Love, Val or Horford and what would be a fair package? This is my current team - Shai Gilgeious-Alexander James Harden Tomas Satronansky Kevin Durant Jayson Tatum Jarrett Allen Jaren Jackson Jr Mitchell Robinson Thomas Bryant D'Aaron Fox Marvin Bagley III Chris Paul Bobby Portis Brandon Ingram Tyler Johnson Joakim Noah Markelle Fultz (IL)
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