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  1. Akers looks like garbage. Every time he runs it's 0-3 yards, get hit, fall down.
  2. Hines actually looked like the better runner than Williams last night. Williams looked slow and doesn't have the burst Hines does. That's why Hines was able to break through the LOS when most of Williams' runs got stuffed for a few years.
  3. While Diggs had been lighting it up the past few weeks, let's not forget what happened earlier in the season. There will always be risk with this guy due to the poor coaching staff on this team. Inability to pivot a game plan based on game flow is a trademark of a bad coach. And barring any coaching changes in Minnesota, Diggs will always be at the mercy of his coaches' incompetence.
  4. Assuming Damien is out, that would give Darrel more touches against the Lions Lindsay has the Jags.
  5. Blame the Panther's play calling and game plan. Any coach worth a damn will adjust based on the situation. It was painfully obvious that Cam couldn't pass the ball within 5 yards of anyone on his own team last night. And instead of adjusting by integrating more runs, screens or bootlegs, they kept calling plays that had Cam throwing the ball 20+ yards on every down. It was amateur coaching hour all night for those clowns.
  6. By that same logic, the Packers' offense may not be as strong due to injury either.
  7. So if Jones doesn't play, how much of an uptick does that give Calvin Ridley?
  8. Pray he gets cut so another team can sign him. Even if he plays at this point, it's hard to trust his production all all this going on.
  9. To be fair, teams don't honor the contracts that give out either. Players get cut all the time before their contract is up.
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